Click here to fill out the volunteer application for 35 Denton 2015.


What are the dates of 35 Denton 2015?
March 13–15

Do I have to work every day of the fest?
We want all of our volunteers to have a chance to enjoy the festival,
so the short answer is, yes. Of course, it differs depending on the position you’re applying for as to how often/what shifts you will be working.

Should I buy a wristband for the days I am not working?
Absolutely not. (Unless you’re giving it to a friend).  As a volunteer you’ll attend all three days of the festival free of charge in exchange for your time and hard work.

What happens if there is inclement weather?
35 Denton is rain or shine. We are working on plans in case of rain.

However, if all else fails, just keep yourself safe.

What if I want to help out prior to the festival?
If you’d like to help out before the festival, there is a check box for that.

Do I have any choice as far as what I volunteer to do?
We have tons of different volunteer opportunities. There are several check boxes on the volunteer form where you can express your preferences.

Where do I fill out the form?

I’ve volunteered for 35 before. Am I given any preference?
We will definitely take this into consideration. Let us know what you have experience with.

Will I have a specific person I am reporting to?
Each member of the Core Staff will have a certain number of volunteers they are responsible for. You will be contacted by and have a direct relationship with that person.

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