Words by: Jessica Hume || Images by: Marcus Junius Laws

35 Denton 2015 The Holler Time Dan's SilverleafIf you wandered through Dan’s Silverleaf last Thursday you probably had the privilege of catching The Holler Time.

If you stayed home that night, well, you could probably still hear their groovy baselines for miles around over the sound of Netflix and your cats.

35 Denton 2015 The Holler Time Dan's Silverleaf

Not only do these gentlemen have some rowdy personalities and great taste in hats, but they play some pretty catchy tunes, as well.121114 TheHollerTime_35Dblogfeat_MJL-4473

Luckily, you’ve got the chance to catch them again during 35 Denton 2015. Just don’t forget to ask their bassist, Wally Campbell, for some of his “true stories.”


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