Words by Danielle Longueville

How Do You Sleep At Night – Beach Day
Die-hard Cranberries fans, this band is the band for you. Brooklyn Exposed quotes Beach Day as “Beachy[duh] and fun, [Beach Day] is sort of like a Ronettes meets Black Lips mash up.” We love Kimmy Drake and her ethereal vocals on their latest album Native Echoes, and so should you. Keep an eye on this musical prize for 2015.

Cynic – Sister Crayon
NorCal natives Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez of Sister Crayon have a symbiotic way of unifying pop, soul and electronic that seems to swaddle the senses in a deep, enchanting embrace. If you enjoy the delightful combination of aesthetic and auditory pleasures of this video track, then make it a point to check out the rest of “Cynic” and other Sister Crayon releases.

Love Letters – Corners
In need of a good solo dance party? Corners is here to make it happen. With looks and vocals much akin to Devo, this post-punk quartet brings some serious bod-bounce sounds in “Love Letters” worthy of a night spent in leather jackets, too tight pants and half-lit cigarettes. Embrace the angst, embrace CORNERS!

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