The weekend is almost over which means we are all about to start working for said weekend again, right? Wouldn’t it be great if weekends were Thursday-Monday and regular work weeks were Tuesday-Wednesday? One can dream. Here to help you adjust from your weekend is our Blog Editor and Vendor Coordinator, Sara Button with a very eclectic mix of her current favorite tunes.


You Were Right – Built to Spill
The year Built to Spill played 35 Denton I was unfortunately pretty sick at the time and was not able to catch their show – as disappointed as I was about that, I have had the chance to see them live before. The most memorable time was at the Gypsy Ballroom in Deep Ellum in 2006. Doug Martsch and other bandmates were hanging outside after the show and my friends and I chatted them up a little bit. Very good memories.

It’ll Get You There – Rilo Kiley
Jenny Lewis is my spirit animal. Period. In fact, my Built to Spill Pandora station knows me so well that it will give me back-to-back Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley songs pretty frequently. This song specifically is my own secret anthem for life.

Pick up the Change – Wilco
Wilco has been one of my top five favorite bands for several years. A.M. will always be one of my top favorite albums of all time. This song specifically spoke to me earlier this weekend when gathering songs for my playlist.

Personal – Stars
Stars will always make me nostalgic towards the sounds of my college summers. This song is about two people who were supposed to meet via a personal ad placed in a newspaper. After much correspondence the dude totally chickened out once he saw the woman in person, and then works harder to find a different woman.. which might actually be a personal fear of mine. Haha. This song technically sums up early 90’s versions of OKCupid. Nothing too heavy. Music nostalgia is one of my favorite things in the entire world.

7/11 – Beyonce
Uh, I don’t even feel the need to justify myself here. After I saw the video for 7/11 I truly believe that Beyonce and I could hang out in real life and really get along. I mean, we both like to dance around our houses in big sweatshirts, short shorts (dare I say underoos?) and socks. We are both a little cray, we both like having friends around us dancing.. the likenesses are bizarre, y’all.

Heavy Cross – Gossip
I don’t know – this song just always makes me want to get up and do stuff. Perfect for many playlists.

Wanna Know – Dan Croll
Oh, this dreamy Brit? I was turned on to Dan Croll last year by a very good friend who actually got to tour with him briefly (after we both decided to have serious crushes on him). This song makes me smile on the inside. Maybe it is the creepy undertones of a dude wanting to know where I am at every minute of the day, I don’t know. Do these people exist? Asking for a friend..

By Torpedo or Crohns – Why?
This was the first Why? song I had ever heard, many moons ago. I love Why? for many reasons, and as cliché as it might be to be so attached to this album, Alopecia is definitely one of my all-time favorite records to put on. This song has my favorite lyric and quote embedded in the quick words of Yoni Wolf, “while I am alive I’ll feel alive.” Because, why wouldn’t you want to feel alive?

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon
Paul Simon has been present in my music listening since birth. My parents raised me on the Rolling Stones, the Beatles & Hall and Oates, so I would like to think that my music style will always be somewhat vintage and eclectic in style. This song specifically spoke to me after re-watching one of my favorite Saturday Night (before they added the ‘Live’) episodes from 1975 where Paul Simon hosted. I go back to that episode and re-watch pretty frequently, because it is chock full of amazing solo Paul Simon as well as Simon & Garfunkel songs.

Try A Little Tenderness – Otis Redding
The first time I heard this song I was watching Pretty in Pink with my mother.. late eighties.. she got up, danced & squealed to Jon Cryer’s Otis Redding impression in the record store. This song made her so happy and excited all at one time, it became an instant favorite of mine. Every time I hear this song I can see my mom and Jon Cryer dancing at the same time and it is magical.

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