Interview by Morgan Gentry

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Being recognized alongside trip-hop’s newest faces, FKA Twigs, Little Dragon, and Wild Belle, we think Shaprece is on to something big. With her unconventional band and heartfelt melodies, this Seattle-based musician is someone you should get familiar with very soon. Staff writer Morgan Gentry recently got to dig a little deeper in to the dreamy wave-lengths of 35 Denton 2015 musician, Shaprece. Keep reading for more..

MORGAN GENTRY: The Molting EP was such a surprising and refreshing blend of sounds and influences, did it come together smoothly? How did you all form your sound for this EP?

Shaprece: IG88 and I were introduced and very quickly learned that we shared the same taste in sound. Molting was the first song that we worked on and because of how effortless and natural it came together, we decided to keep creating.

Was there a pivotal music influencer in your life growing up?

I would have to say that growing up in a creative home, and always being surrounded by musicians and artists played a very important role in me realizing that I wanted to become musician myself. One of the best gifts that my parents ever gave me was the freedom to express my creative side and always encouraging me to nurture my passions and talents.

How was your recent experience doing a TED Talk?

Slightly nerve racking but definitely a positive and important milestone in my career. I learned things about my creative process that I wasn’t even aware of until I really started to dissect what makes me creative mind tick. We were all very honored to have been a part of it.

Have you ever been to Denton, Texas? What are you expecting or looking forward to when you come and visit?

Never been but am beyond excited to sing some songs and meet new friends while I’m in town!

You’re clearly creating a path of your own musically, how do you begin building a song?

We’ve approached the way that we build songs in so many various ways that it’s hard to give an exact method to our madness. I can say that one of my favorite ways to build is starting with drums, adding vocal melodies right on top of them, and adding the other elements around that foundation. Lots of creative freedom with that approach.

The Seattle music scene has definitely welcomed you with open arms, how has you experience been traveling around the nation so far?

I have yet to leave the stage and not receive love after a performance. The support has been incredible and humbling.

From Stevie Wonder to Bjork, we know you have an immense amount of favorites, but who have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been really getting into TV On The Radio lately. Aside from them some of my standing favorites are anything involving Damon Albarn, James Blake, Solange, Little Dragon, The Budos Band, Bonobo, Sade… the list goes on and on and on..

Do you play any instruments or have any other hobbies?

My voice is my only instrument for now, but that shall soon change. I have a huge soft spot for frolicking about through nature so when I’m not working on music, that’s more than likely where you can find me.

What kind of vibes can we expect from your upcoming album?

Earthy, Dreamy, Rainforest-y vibes.

Thanks, Shaprece! Be sure to check out her out at this year’s 35 Denton music festival!


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