Words by Sara Button || Images by Shaina Sheaff


DEERPEOPLE (OKLAHOMA CITY) are actually real people, humans we think. Don’t let their name confuse you. This fine group of Oklahomans took the stage at Denton’s beloved Dan’s Silverleaf this past weekend and definitely delivered a crowd pleasing experience.

The beautiful tunes of this sextet lingered in my ears long after their set was over. Pleasantly constructed chords, well executed flute riffs, and an off-the-wall (and technically, off-the-stage) singer and keyboardist.

35 Denton 2015 DEERPEOPLE © Shaina Sheaff

Each time Brennan Barnes stepped away from his keyboard, I gripped my drink a little tighter. He would make his way to the bar, reaching up and grabbing on to the venue’s support beams. At one point he was balancing on the back of a chair that violinist and keyboard player Julian Shen was sitting at.

SES_5704We are excited to see DEERPEOPLE’s set at 35 Denton this year. Stay tuned to the blog for a full lineup, coming soon!

Website: http://www.deerpeople.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deerpeople
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deerpeople

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