Words by Sara Button || Images by Karma Yoga Denton


Stop! Drop! & Yoga! 35 Denton is proud to announce Karma Yoga – Denton yogi’s partnering with small businesses to bring community based yoga classes for people of all ages and skill levels.

Their mission is to make yoga more accessible for everyone without the stress of yoga3membership fees and the pressure of studio walls. Karma Yoga has been holding classes for several weeks now, including a couple at Denton’s newest brew house, Audacity.

Classes will be $5 each (which is completely insane, and a very good deal) and they will be accepting cash and cards. A portion of the proceeds will go to the North Texas Derby Revolution. “These ladies and gents put everything they have into their sport, and the passion they have is so inspiring,” Karma Yoga Denton Co-Founder Tiffany Johnson says. “They are self funded and we want to support and encourage them as they set an example of hard working selfless athletes in the community.”

unnamedYou shouldn’t have to feel good enough to practice yoga. You don’t have to be flexible enough or memorize all of the different positions. There are no religious ties to yoga. Yoga is simply the connection between breath and movement. After attending one of the classes at Audacity Brew House, I witnessed first hand that there is absolutely no shame in going to a yoga class for the first time, as a complete beginner. Everyone was so polite and nice, I never felt judged or like others were watching me. And trust me… I am a complete beginner.

Karma Yoga will be hosting an instagram challenge during the festival. Stop, drop, and yoga by one of the Karma Yoga banners and post to instagram with hashtags #karmayogadenton and #stopdropyogadenton – a couple of lucky instagrammer’s might win some awesome local swag!

We might be adding additional pop-up classes during the festival weekend, so stay tuned! Below are the confirmed classes:

Friday March 13 7:00am (Sunset Flow) Courthouse Lawn
Saturday March 14 9:00am (Rise & Shine) Mulberry St. Cantina
Saturday March 14 2:00pm (Rev Up) Courthouse Lawn
Saturday March 14 6:00pm (Chill Out) Courthouse Lawn
Sunday March 15 11:00am (Rise & Shine) Mulberry St. Cantina
Sunday March 15 2:00pm (Rev Up) Courthouse Lawn


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