Happy Ice Day, Denton! We have some very exciting news coming your way shortly… in the meantime, we wanted to to highlight three Denton artists who are playing 35 Denton 2015 in our Monday edition of Mixtape. Keep checking back on the blog to see more videos from others artists playing 35 Denton 2015 throughout each week leading up to the festival! 18 days away, y’all!

Cozy Hawks – Goddamnit, It’s X-mas

I think you could actually temporarily trick your brains into thinking it is Christmas time by watching this video next to a window right now! Do it! Cozy Hawks delivers a pop-rock tune that lets us breathe a sigh of relief as it is not even damn near close to being Christmas time again yet.

Danny Diamonds – “Give Up”

Daniel Folmer and band, Danny Diamonds perform Give Up for the Violitionist Sessions.. which, by the way if you have not checked that out, you really should.

Mink Coats – Another Notch in the Bible Belt

Denton Staged filmed Mink Coats playing outside of Hypnotic Donuts last year for our friends and neighboring festival, Oaktopia. Despite being outside a donut joint, the band delivered a psychedelic tune including a dude in a pink chicken suit (we think).

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