You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here, folks! Rounding up 2015, we are thrilled to announce local Denton acts A.M. Ramblers, Daniel Markham, Jessie Frye, Hares on the Mountain, Stu Brootal, Skagg Philips, Boxcar Bandits, The Hope Trust, RTB2, Biographies, Fab Deuce, Marathons and Unicorns, and others to the 35 Denton lineup. Denton legends Mike Dillon and Carl Finch’s twenty years in the making project comes home for the first time as well.

Joining the Zombies and Jimmie Dale Gilmore this year are local Denton headliners Slobberbone, Ten Hands, and Brutal Juice. National and international touring acts include Capsula, Jacco Gardner, Daniel Romano, Be Forest., Marie Davidson, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Corners, The Lonely Wild, Lowell, Cobalt Cranes, Well Hung Heart, and many more.

In just a few short weeks more than 250 bands will take us #backtothemusic on stages all over Denton. Announcing the full lineup for 35 Denton 2015:

35MM (Austin), A.M. Ramblers (Denton), Adrienne Tooley (NYC), Allie Lauren (Oklahoma City), American Werewolf Academy (Dallas), Ayron Jones and The Way (Seattle), Bad Beats (Denton), Bashe (Denton), Be Forest. (Pesaro, Italy), Beach Day (Hollywood, Florida), Bee Caves (Austin), Bg Whyte (Pine Bluff, Arkansas), Biographies (Denton), Bird Meets Winter (Denton), Black James Franco (Denton), Blaire Alise & The Bombshells (Detroit), Blank-Men (Fort Worth), Blue Bear (Austin), Bone Fide Blues (Dallas), Born Cages (NYC), Boxcar Bandits (Denton), Boy + Kite (Austin), Boyfrndz (Austin), Brave Young Lion (Denton), Brenna Manzare (Fort Worth), Brocka (Dallas), Brutal Juice (Denton), Bukkake Moms (Denton), Bummer Vacation (Fort Worth), Caleb Hawley (NYC), Capsula (Bilbao, Spain), Carson McHone (Austin), Catamaran (Dallas), Champagne Shotgun (Dallas), Character. (Denton), Chase Ryan and the Grave (Denton), Chastity Belt (Walla Walla, WA), Cheerleader (Philadelphia), Chinaski, The Fury (Denton), Circling Drones (Austin), Claire Morales (Denton), Cleanup (Fort Worth), Clint Niosi (Fort Worth), Cobalt Cranes (Los Angeles), Conrad Clifton (Brooklyn), Convoy and the Cattlemen (Arlington), Corners (Los Angeles), CORNHOLE (Denton), County Rexford (Denton), Cozy Hawks (Denton), Curvette (Denton), Cymbals Eat Guitars (Staten Island, NY), Daniel Markham (Denton), Daniel Romano (Welland, Ontario), Danny Diamonds (Denton), Danny Malone (Austin), Dave Coulter with Jeffrey Barnes & Drew Phelps (Denton), Dave Willingham Project (Dallas), Dead Leaf Echo (NYC), Dead Mockingbirds (Dallas), Ded Kra-Z & Princess Eud (Pétionville, Haiti), DEERPEOPLE (Oklahoma City), Def Rain (Dallas), Delmore Pilcrow (Denton), Den10 Hip Hop Royal Rumble II , DIAMOND AGE (Dallas), Dim Locator (Denton), Dirty Lungs (Birmingham, AL), DJ Super WiLL (Detroit), DJG (Dallas), Dome Dwellers (Denton), Doug Burr (Denton),  Dove Hunter (Denton), Dreamers (Brooklyn), Eat Avery’s Bones (Denton), E’clat (Savannah), Eisentanz (Zurich, Switzerland), Emily & The Complexes (Columbus), Empire Machines (Austin), Endless Caverns (Denton), Ethereal and The Queer Show (Dallas), Experimental Aircraft (Austin), Fab Deuce (Denton), Felt & Fur (Denton), Finn (Denton), Forever & Everest (Denton), Fred Thomas (Detroit), Free Weed (Los Angeles), French 75 (Dallas), FUNDAMENTAL. (Denton), Future Self (Denton), GAR GAR (Monroe, LA), Genuine Leather (Austin), Glitterature (Denton), GO DARK (Oakland), Gold Beach (Austin), GOLDENJOY (Denton), Grace London (Austin), Grave City (Denton), Hale Baskin (Denton), Happyness (London, UK), Hares on the Mountain (Denton), Helen Kelter Skelter (Norman, OK), Hollis Brown (Queens), HOMESHAKE (Montreal), Hustle Roses (Los Angeles), International Sparkdome (Denton), Isaac Hoskins (Denton), It Hurts To Be Dead (Wichita Falls), Jacco Gardner (Hoorn, Netherlands), Jack Wilson (Austin),  Jamaican Queens (Detroit), Jason Weems (Austin), Jay Kila (NYC), Jazz Mills (Austin), Jeremy Buller (Seattle), Jessie Frye (Denton), Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Austin), Josh Halverson (Denton), Juan Wauters (Queens), Juicy the Emissary (Denton), Kaela Sinclair (Denton), Kim & The Created (Los Angeles), Knifight (Austin), Kody Jackson (Denton), Kydd (Austin), La Guerre (Lawrence, KS), Larry Chin (Oklahoma City), Layer Cake (Denton), LAZY (Kansas City), Leggy (Cincinnati), Leoncarlo (Denton), Little Jack Melody (Denton), Lonesome Doves (Dallas), Los De Esta Noche (San Antonio), Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia), Lowell (Toronto), Maddy Ellwanger (Longmonte, CO), Madi Davis (McKinney), Madisons (Austin), Marathons and Unicorns (Denton), Marie Davidson (Montreal), Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Denton), Matthew Bell (Denton), Meatbodies (Los Angeles), Merli & Spumante (Dallas), Michael Rault (Toronto), Mike Dillon & Carl Finch (Denton), MilkDrive (Austin), Mind Spiders (Fort Worth), Mink Coats (Denton), Monk Parker (Austin), Monogold (NYC), Moth Face (Dallas), Music Bear Tony Banks (Boston), my education (Austin), Mydolls (Houston), myopic (Dallas), Mystery Lights (NYC), Nervous Curtains (Dallas), Nite (Denton), OK SWEETHEART (Seattle), Old Potion (Denton), Old Warhorse (Denton), Paige Bryan (Los Angeles), Party Static (Dallas), Pearl Earl (Denton), PHZ-Sicks (Woodbridge, VA), Pinebox Serenade (Denton), Pleasant Grove (Austin), Power Objects (Denton), PVC Street Gang (Dallas), Quaker City Night Hawks (Fort Worth), Radioactivity (Denton), Rat Fist (Los Angeles), RC & The Gritz (Dallas), Residual Kid (Austin), Richard Gilbert (Denton), Robert Gomez (Seattle), Robo Cougar (Austin), Roger Sellers (Austin), RTB2 (Denton), Ruby the RabbitFoot (Athens), Scrote (Los Angeles), Sealion (Dallas), Shaprece (Seattle), She Banshee (Denton), Singing Bowl Lady (Austin), Skagg Philips (Denton), Sky Window (Denton), SkyAcre (Austin), Slobberbone (Denton), Snow Wite and the Wormhole Records Revue (Los Angeles), Sol Kitchen (Denton), Somebody’s Darling (Dallas), Something Called Nothing (Austin), Son of Stan (Los Angeles), Space State (Denton), Special Mister Ed (Denton), Ssleeperhold (Austin), STARPARTY (Denton), Stu Brootal (Denton), Swandiver (Denton), Tattoo Money (Brooklyn), Telegraph Canyon (Fort Worth), Ten Hands (Denton), Tex Smith (Austin), The 432 Hz Ensemble (Denton), The Angelus (Dallas), The Birds of Night (Denton), The Black Dotz (Dallas), The Casual Pleasures (Little Rock),  The Chloes (Dallas), The Days (Denton), The Deer (San Marcos), The Demigs (Denton), The Dry Season (Austin), The First Part (San Angelo), The Holler Time (Denton), The Hope Trust (Denton), The Human Circuit (Austin), The Kickstand Band (Detroit), The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles), The Lonesome Band (Austin), The Memories (Los Angeles), The Mike Dillon Band (New Orleans), The Sal Show (Chicago), The Spectacle (Denton), The Stockyard Playboys (Oklahoma City), The Unmarked Graves (Denton), The Willy Collins Band (Houston), The Zombies (UK), Timothy Jarrod Smith & Hot Coffins (Grapevine), tomkat (Denton), Tony Garcia Gragnano (Shreveport), Traan Raals (Denton), Troller (Austin), Two Cow Garage (Columbus), Tyne Darling (NYC), Urizen (Fort Worth), Vinyl (Denton), Violent Squid (Denton), voltREvolt (Denton), War Party (Fort Worth), Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electrique (Denton), Wax Witches (Brooklyn), We Are The Wilderness (Brooklyn), Well Hung Heart (Los Angeles), Whiskey Folk Ramblers (Fort Worth), White Reaper (Louisville, KY), Wildcat Apollo (Austin), Wire Nest (Fort Worth), Wirewings (Denton), Year of the Bear (Austin), Zelfel (Dallas).

You can view the full 35 Denton 2015 lineup HEREDaytime Programming and Events schedule is also available, and Single-Day, 3-day, and FastTrack VIP tickets are now available at!

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