Words by: Danielle Longueville

How did y’all like that final lineup earlier? Pretty exciting, right!? We think so. The Tuesday edition of Mixtape is highlighting three more artists playing 35 Denton this year! 17 days, y’all.

Michael Rault – Too All My Friends

With a voice borne of Bob Dylan and a dash of Tom Petty, Michael Rault and his psychedelic pop surf sound invoke a sense of clarity, closure and downright feel-good, right in the feels. We love Rault’s combination of realistic situations with that classic, kaleidoscope overlay. Give yourself a look-listen here, and again at 35 Denton!

Cobalt Cranes – Head In the Clouds

Garbage-esque distortion, a burly bass line and Blondie reincarnate? We can dig it. Cobalt Crane has successfully preserved the core toneage borne of the Garage Rock era with Head in the Clouds, featuring their own extra ingredients; a dash of London Grammar, with a hint of that 60’s psychedelia feel. Oh yeah, we can really dig on you, Cobalt Cranes.

Jacco Gardner – Clear the Air

Man, what can we NOT say about Jacco Gardner? Gardner has successfully curated an auditory exhibition of simplistic,delightful melodies, bountiful beats and a pallet of prismatic variations in tone throughout his works. Let  Clear the Air be your first step into the hallucinatory world of Jacco Gardner.


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