We are officially less than two weeks way from crazy festival fun! Kicking off this weeks Sounds of 35 playlist is our Director of Volunteers, Dallas Guill.

Us v Them – LCD Soundsystem
Anyone that’s ever met me as had to listen to me talk about LCD Soundsystem at some point. I keep their entire catalog in my car’s CD player at all times (luckily it holds six at once.) All three times I ever saw them live, they opened with this song. One by one, the members would come on stage and start playing their parts until James Murphy steps out and starts singing. Sometimes there’s a band that you connect with on a level you can’t explain but that’s ok. Some things don’t require an explanation.

Sugar – Trick Daddy
Oh Trick Daddy… Is it ridiculous that some of my best memories from high school are tied to this song? And I still know every single word of it.

Hologram – Mister Heavenly
There are certain albums that it takes you years to fully enjoy and respect. That’s how Out of Love worked for me at least. I’ve been listening to their album a lot lately. The year they played 35 Denton was a blast and represents some of my best memories I have with this festival. After all, any evening with Honus Honus, Michael Cera, Jaime-Paul Falcon, and booze is gonna result in a good time.

Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six
Please don’t judge me if you ever pull up at a stoplight and I’m singing along to this. And I mean both parts. Electric Six holds a special place in my heart because they were the first show I ever saw in Denton. The Boiler Room anyone?

Flyswatter – The Eels
I credit this one to Mr. Charlie Hunter. Because of him, I listen to The Eels way too much now. He’d say there’s nothing wrong with that. With such a vast catalog, it’s hard to pick just one but this track is still my favorite.

The Vampyre of Time and Memory – Queens of the Stone Age
…Like Clockwork is an incredible album from start to finish. My favorite of 2013 to be exact (Jeez, has it been that long already?). This was the first song I ever learned to play on my keyboard, so it has a special place in my heart. It’s a very different sound for the band, and it represents a really dark place that I’m glad Josh Homme decided to explore.

In the Flesh? – Pink Floyd
I couldn’t put together a playlist and leave off Pink Floyd. They are the musical foundation of my teenage years and the reason I was inspired to pick up a guitar. My dad is a big classic rock fan, so naturally getting into this type of my music was my way of connecting with him (once I got through that late nineties pop phase). Even years later, this is one of my favorite rock & roll tracks. Not to mention, it’s one hell of an album opener.

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