Eleven days until showtime! We have so many amazing artists to share with you before our first band hits the stage on Friday March 13. Enjoy the video trio below!

Music Bear Tony Banks – Old School Love
Let the sweet beats of Music Bear Tony Banks transform your Monday into an erotic, fun, and pleasurable day. Wait for the basketball court choreography!

Caleb Hawley – Bada Boom, Bada Bing

Caleb Hawley’s soulful sound reigns from Harlem, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear him play at 35 Denton! Bonus points if you can name the video game at :30.

Princess Eud & Ded Kra-z – Pa Kite Mwen
Pa kite mwen translates to “do not leave me” in Haitian. Seems appropriate for a Monday afternoon playlist, right? The duo of Ded Kra-Z and Princess Eud provide indie/hip hop island vibes that are perfect for cold and rainy Texas Monday’s. Turn this up, close your eyes, and make believe you are … not in Texas on a cold Monday.

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