Words by Danielle Longueville & Morgan Gentry || Images by Thorpe Griner

Copyright 2015 - Thorpeland PhotographyNothing goes together better than a slice of pizza and a cold brew. Home to the best homemade marinara this side of the Mississippi, J&J’s Pizza resides as a revered fixture of local favorite eateries for the last twenty years. Step through the glass-paned storefront covered in local music posters, and become part of Denton’s rich history. This local pizza joint provides Denton with fresh ingredients from local produce and in-house meat choices, whether you order the New York-style hand tossed pizza or Chicago deep dish. Your senses are immediately overwhelmed with the savoriest smell of fresh garlic. The high rising walls blanketed in vintage pizzeria décor entice your visual senses while, more than likely, the muffling sounds of unknown music resonating through the floor from the Dirty Old Basement, a free venue courtesy of J&J’s, where rising local artists typically make their debut performance.

OuCopyright 2015 - Thorpeland Photographyr favorite little pizza joint has played host for music and pizza lovers of all ages to enjoy. With no cover charges nor age limits for basement shows, an exquisitely simple menu featuring items capable of pleasing any palate AND a great draft beer selection, we can essentially guarantee your first time here will most certainly not be your last. J&J’s will make its triumphant return to 35 Denton this year as #1 pizza stop and rock venue, and we just can’t wait for you to come on down.

Thanks to Joe and Jaime, this place has been a local gem since 1997.  Starting off on Dallas drive, it was just the two of them working to bring Denton that East coast flavor and southern hospitality. Five years ago they moved to the square, squeezed between Ghostnote and McBrides. “We’re bound to have people playing in the basement throughout the week,” long time manager Andy said. “35 [Denton] definitely helps us pull in people stopping through.”

Copyright 2015 - Thorpeland Photography

Prepare your ear and mouth holes for one saucy soiree at this year’s 35 Denton music festival!

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