Words by Sara Button

What happens when you engage four outspoken female musicians in a discussion about the importance of the female role in our music industry? Find out at Oak St. Draft House on Sunday March 15, 2015 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm for our first all female panel, Cherry Bombs: North Texas Queens of the Scene. Local artists Kaela Sinclair, Jessie Frye, Jaimeson Toon, and Amber Farris will share their perspective on our local music scene.

Renowned radio personality, Mark Schectman will moderate this panel. “We have so many powerful and talented female role models in this scene, and I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from them. It’s one thing to see them perform,” Schectman continues, “but this is a really unique opportunity to get to know them better and discuss the current state of feminism in music. So I hope people leave with a greater respect and understanding of what these women have accomplished.”

Cherry Bombs was derived from an idea that our Director of Programming, Charlie Hunter had whilst visiting with Frye. “I wanted to create something that represented women as a strong and active force in the local scene and not a novelty with a cherry on top,” shares Frye. “I love the local music community; there is so much amazing music in Denton. I felt it was important to have a panel highlighting women who don’t take any shit. We need to strive for gender equality and run those double standards in the music industry right into the ground.”

“I hope people who are in the audience have a blast. I hope they learn and grow from hearing about everyone’s perspectives. It’s a really fun chance to get to know who we are on and off stage,” Frye says.

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