To sign to a local label or not to sign; that is the question. Join us on at Sweetwater Bar & Grill on Saturday March 14, 2015 between 1:00pm – 2:00pm for a discussion about the role of the record label in today’s music industry.

Jamie-Paul Falcon will moderate this our Local Label Panel this coming Saturday. “This panel will be a discussion with some local Denton personalities who make it possible for bands to expand from just selling downloads, or getting little royalties from streaming services,” Falcon explains. “People know the music, they don’t know who’s putting the work in to make the music readily available.”

“We have some great record labels in this town,” Dallas Guill of I Love Math Records shares, “and I think more people should hear about the work they’re doing and be a part of the discussion regarding the current direction of music, in how it’s perceived and how it’s released.”

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