Another day, another mixtape. Enjoy your daily dose of bands playing 35 Denton 2015, happening in just 3 days! If you have not gotten your wristbands yet, head over to PreKindle and do so! You don’t want to miss this year!

Cheerleader – Sunshine Of Your Youth

Cheerleader plays Sunday, March 15 at 10:30pm at The Labb in Denton!

Low Cut Connie – Jump Into The Fire

Philly rock band, Low Cut Connie will be headlining Dan’s Silverleaf on Saturday March 14 at 12:45am.

Wax Witches – Social Introvert

This will be our anthem on Monday. In the meantime, check out Wax Witches at 11:30pm on Sunday, March 15 at Andy’s.

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