35 Denton’s Festival Director, Wally Campbell is happy to share his current playlist with you all in this weeks installment of Sounds of 35. We hope the last day of your weekend really rocks!

Richard – Killdozer
I love me some Killdozer. I often invite friends over to have a few beers and listen to Killdozer. I often drink alone.

Jesus Tom and Stevie – Hand of Onan
Little is known about Hand of Onan, a short lived Denton band featuring members of CORNHOLE and Brutal Juice. Though they only existed for 3 short years, they did leave us with this classic Texas anthem.

Outfit – Drive by Truckers
I saw the Drive By Truckers at the original Dan’s Bar on Elm Street (not Fry) some time in the late 90’s. I feel fortunate to have seen them in an intimate club setting.  When I’m working late they are my go to band.

I Can Tell Your Love is Waning – Slobberbone
Every Slobberbone song is awesome. It was hard for me to pick my favorite so I picked the first one i ever heard.

Lake of Fire – Meat Puppets
I remember being totally blown away by the this band when I first saw them in Dallas in 85.   They were still amazing when saw them at Dan’s Silverleaf  in 2013.

Lost Pines – Pinebox Serenade 
These guys are assholes but this is a beautiful song.

Working Men are Pissed – the Minutemen
This is the first song I ever heard by the Minutemen.

Joe McCarthy’s Ghost – the Minutemen
This is my favorite Minutemen song.

Something I Learned Today – Husker Du
I’ve never Star Wars but I saw Husker Du twice.

Rape of a Culture  – MYDOLLS
I don’t know how these folks evaded my punk rock radar back in the 80’s but fortunately I caught them at RGRS during 35 Denton this year.  Classic Texas Punk from Houston.

Moving to Florida – the Butthole Surfers
The first time i saw them was in a really small upstairs room in downtown Dallas.  Gibby was picking fights with skinheads and the drummers were lighting their cymbals on fire.  I stood close to exit that night.

Seasons in the Abyss – Slayer 
SLAYER!!!!!   To me this is the perfect Slayer song.

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