Don’t Miss This Shit is our new weekly installment of live music events happening in and around Denton. We’re proud to keep you up to date with acts from the festival and some of our local favorites as well. We want you to be connected to all of the best shows happening in our area, all of the time. Period.

Words by Ryan M. Creery

Pearl Earl at 35 Denton. Image by Thorpe Griner.
Pearl Earl at 35 Denton. Image by Thorpe Griner.

Monday August 3

Dan’s Silverleaf – Choctaw Wildfire – 8 p.m.
If you’re familiar with Charlie Pierce (read: you should be), then you’ll know why there’s been some serious anticipation for this show. Pierce is known for his dark, gritty lyric capacity and his work with Choctaw Wildfire is no different. Come expecting a bit of that old-timey saloon style vibe, modernized, of course. It’ll be a great way to start your week.

Tuesday August 4

Pariah Arts – Disembodied Text: Volume 1 – 7 p.m.
Nine poets and artists from Denton and Dallas are coming together to showcase four acts in, what they’re calling, a “live anthology.” It’s an experiment in sound and text, pooled in an improvisational format. This will be a collaboration you’ll literally never see again, so catch it if you can.

Wednesday August 5

Dan’s Silverleaf – Nick and Bonnie Norris – 8 p.m.
Let the powerful, melt-you-in-your-shoes vocals of Bonnie Norris float you through your hump day evening. With catchy covers and swoon-worthy country melodies, this North Texas brother–sister duo is gonna bring the hootenanny to Dan’s—and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Thursday August 6

Hailey’s Club – DDFW Masters of the Mic, Denton Round 3 – 9 p.m.
Five artists will be competing to enter round four of the DDFW Masters of the Mic. Expect some sick-ass hip-hop and high energy for this one. Plus, the audience gets to choose their favorite—DEMOCRACY! Stay ‘til the end and find out the other three that move to the next round, too.

Harvest House – Bravo, Max! – 8 p.m.
After recently finishing a new album, this Dallas rock trio is stopping by Harvest House to jam out with us. Having worked and toured with some pretty big names, we’re expecting a really great set from these guys. Also, did we mention this is a free show?

Andy’s Bar – The Rotation: Pocketbook + Something_Organic – 9 p.m.
Every Thursday, Andy’s Bar is doing The Rotation, a FREE show dedicated to jazz, blues, funk, and fusion performances. This week, two acts are featured: Pocketbook brings some neo-soul and R&B to the stage, and Something_Organic is gonna fill your ears with some sweet experimental hip-hop. If you have to Google what any of those terms mean, then you need to experience this show for your own good.

J&J’s Pizza – Pine Martyn, Tungsten Wake, Moon Grave, Orcanaut, Defunct Red – 6 p.m.
Pine Martyn is Brandon Harris, an Austinite who’s been pumping out some serious experimental/ambient rock tunes. He’ll be accompanied by heavy rock groups ranging from grunge to funk from all over Texas—it’s going to be one loud basement show, y’all.

The Abbey Underground – Galaxis, Nick Earl Trio, Off World – 10 p.m.
Off World is headlining this FREE show at The Abbey Underground, filling this basement-style venue with smooth, funky prog-rock. They’ll be sharing the stage with two equally as funky groups, generating chill that will smooth out your Thursday night.

Friday August 7

Dan’s Silverleaf – Brent Best Solo Album Release – 8 p.m.
Brent Best, known for his work with Slobberbone and The Drams, has gathered quite the following in his time as a performer. Tonight, he’s debuting his first-ever solo album, a much-anticipated record featuring folky-tunes and memorable ballads. Daniel Markham opens the show with his brand of rock that is not only catchy, but brilliant.

Saturday August 8

Dan’s Silverleaf – Greezy Wheels – 5 p.m.
Think one-part big band, two-parts stoner rock. Hailing from Austin, this group has been called the “Grateful Dead of Texas,” and we think that pretty much sums it up. Their shows are always fun, as are their lyrics. It’s no wonder they’ve been around for so long and created quite a footprint in the Austin music scene. This’ll be a great matinee show to kick off your Saturday night.

Dan’s Silverleaf – The Cody Jasper Band – 9 p.m.
Cody Jasper’s self-titled album features a range of rock, Americana, and heavy folk sounds that, together, create an addictive track mix. Amarillo raised, transplanted to Colorado, Jasper keeps his Texas outlaw roots in the forefront of his music, and that certain brand of Texas-style showmanship that’s always entertaining.

Andy’s Bar – Class Action, The Infamists, Vanilla Whale, The Choice of Arsonists, and Novakain – 9 p.m.
Hard funk/rock group Class Action headlines this high-energy show at Andy’s. opening acts include The Infamists (a local rock group with tunes that are fun and catchy), Vanilla Whale, from Spring, Texas, The Choice of Arsonists, and psychedelic rock group Novakain.

Harvest House – The Rotten Cores – 9 p.m.
Having just released an album chalk-full of upbeat country and heavier punk songs, we’re anticipating a high-energy show from this New Orleans band. You’ll thrash around a little bit, you’ll do some ballad-song swaying, and a lot of toe-tapping. And with Harvest House’s brand of special brew selection, you’ll end up having more fun than you can imagine.

Sunday August 9

Dan’s Silverleaf – Kaela Sinclair with Field Division – 8 p.m.
Let the beautiful vocals of Kaela Sinclair lull you through your Sunday night. She’ll be playing alongside the dreamy sounds of Field Division, a duo from Des Moines. This show is $10 at the door and is going to be worth. Every. Penny.

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