Don’t Miss This Shit is our weekly installment of live music events happening in and around Denton. We’re proud to keep you up to date with acts from the festival and some of our local favorites as well. We want you to be connected to all of the best shows happening in our area, all of the time. Period.

Have an event that didn’t make the list? Email Christen in advance so it makes the next round!

Words by Sara Button| Image by Patrick Kratz

Tuesday, September 8

The LABB – Tuesday Night Song Swap – 10 p.m.
What’s better than $2 well drinks? Drinking said spirits whilst four random musicians swap songs on stage. Come to the LABB on Tuesday nights for their weekly installment of Tuesday Night Song Swap.

Wednesday, September 9

Apparently people still watch VHS tapes in public – this is one of those events. Join Rob Buttrum as he curates the movie Uninvited (1988). We don’t know what to expect, but it is free and what the hell else will you be doing on a Wednesday night

Thursday, September 10

The LABB – Isaac Hoskins and Joe Fletcher – 9 p.m.
Local singer-songwriter Isaac Hoskins joins nationally touring Joe Fletcher for a night of acoustic music at the LABB. Fletcher’s American grass roots sound will have your toes tapping and will be resonating the patio and North East side of downtown Denton. While you’re there, give Isaac a hug because he is a good dude

RGRS – Dowsing, Mimisiku, Outdoor Living, Peek-A-Boo Stance – 9 p.m.
Chicago based pop-punk band Dowsing takes the stage of RGRGs with local acts Mimisiku, Outdoor Living, and Peek-A-Boo Stance. This should be an interesting set, as none of the supporting bands have findable music online (that is not a poorly recorded show video). In Mimisiku’s defense, though, they self-categorize as Stoner Pop. We’re in to it.

Friday, September 11

Panther Island Pavilion – Dia De Los Toadies 8 – 7 p.m. – Saturday evening
It’s that time of year again, folks. Toadies will be rocking their 8th annual two-day festival with lots of special guests, including one of our local favorites, Sarah Jaffe. Friday night the two musical forces join for an acoustic night. On Saturday, Toadies are joined by supporting bands Local H, Burden Brothers, Holy Moly, Buck Pets, Sea Lion, Son of Stan, and Gollay.

Three Links – Classic Cult, Party Static, Moon Honey, and Blue, the Misfit –  9 p.m.
If y’all haven’t heard the hype about Dallas band Classic Cult yet, you should really start reading the internets. Join these babes as they rock Three Links in Dallas for their sophomore performance with Party Static, Moon Honey, and Blue, the Misfit.

RGRS – Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Felt & Fur, Pleasure Principle,  Hempwig – 8 p.m.
Did someone say quadruple tape release!? Who in Denton doesn’t love outdated technology? God knows I do. Head to Sprockets Bicycle and Coffee Shop to relax and rewind (see what I did there?) with some great music and tasty Denton coffee.

J&J’s Pizza – DDM: The Numerators, Mink Coats, Abacaba – 8 p.m.
Dallas Distortion Music presents New York based acid-rock band the Numerators with local acts Mink Coats, and Abacaba. When played simultaneously, I wonder if the power of the three bands would bring back Jim Morrison… ok, lets not. Back to dreamy surf rock.

RGRS – Blank-Men, China Kills Girls, County Lines, Creepeth – 9 p.m.
Stockyard Punk band Blank-Men come to Denton to synth up Rubber Gloves. Join these fine musicians with other bands for what seems to be a Friday night option. And hey, if you’re 21+ its only $1 to get in. You can’t beat that.

Dan’s Silverleaf – Brave Combo – 9 p.m.
Y’all remember that time Brave Combo was on the Simpsons? Everyone else does! And that is one of the many reasons they are able to pack out venues in Denton and throughout the DFW Metroplex alike.

Saturday September 12

Mulberry St. Cantina – Second Saturday Arts & Crafts Fair – 2 p.m.
After you head out from the Denton Community Market, you should pop over to Mulberry St. Cantina for their monthly Arts & Crafts Fair. Both events are family friendly and a great way to meet local artists and vendors – and at the second location you can get a bitchin’ margarita.

Audacity Brew House – Richard Gilbert – 6 p.m.
Brews and bands? Acoustic at Audacity? Whatever you want to call it, join local independent musician, Richard Gilbert as he plays for the crowd at Audacity Brew House.

Brick Haus Collective – OPEN HAUS – 7 p.m.
What the hell is Brick Haus Collective, you say? It is a communal creative space for local artists and such and they are hosting their first public event on Saturday and its going to be a doozy. There will be a bunch going on, including local art exhibits, silent auctions, and vending from the UNT Clay Guild, UNT Fibers Collective, Print Making Association of North Texas Students (P. A. N. T. S.), and any more. Local bands Wiving and MOMWOW will be there for your audible pleasure.

Double Wide – Dead Mockingbirds, Pearl Earl, Abacaba, Loafers – 8 p.m.
Denton rockers in Abacaba take the weekends very seriously, which is probably why they are playing back to back shows this weekend. If you’re in Dallas on Saturday night be sure to swing by the Double Wide to catch Denton’s Pearl Earl & Abacaba with Dead Mockingbirds.

RGRS – H.O.T. & HBR PRESENT: Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Developer, Dromez, JMM, Filth, Gay Cum Daddies – 8 p.m.
Don’t you love it when local house show venues become more than local house show venues? House Of Tinnitus is hosting the Heavy Baby Sea Slugs album release party at Rubber Gloves, with mostly Ohio based supporting acts Developer, Dromez, JMM, Filth, and Gay Cum Daddies.

Dan’s Silverleaf – Velvet Blue Music Showcase ft. Telegraph Canyon, Bethan, Air Review, Doug Burr – 7 p.m.
California based label Velvet Blue Music hosts Telegraph Canyon, Bethan, Air Review, & Doug Burr as they all come together to bring a night of slow, yet passionate rock to Dan’s Silverleaf.

Sunday, September 13

The Greenhouse – Art Show – 11 a.m.
Arts & Crafts? And amazing food? Greenhouse will be hosting Sunday Arts & Crafts shows in the backroom sporadically throughout the following months. Pro-tip: $3 BYO Bloody Mary / Mimosa bar makes it totally worth the trip.

1670am – Radio, Live Transmission – 5-7 p.m.
Denton is chock full of music heads, and two of these music loving locals will be hosting an evening of post punk delight, via radio transmission. Join these two as they spin their some of their favorite tunes and chat about all things post punk music.

Off the Record – Wanz Dover Benefit Show – 3 p.m.
Former 35 Denton artist from the Black Dotz, Wanz Dover is recovering from an emergency surgery and his friends at Off the Record are putting on an all day benefit show to recognize his prestige. Join a bunch of really great people while they honor another really great person.

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