Podcasts? Why the hell not! Project 35 is not only one of our newest media ventures, it is another way to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the music we (hope you) love, straight from the artists’ mouths. Join local hero Scott Porter as he interviews a myriad of local and touring artists, for your listening pleasure.


Chris Flemmons, Baptist Generals © 35 Denton - Marcus Junius LawsRecorded at Denton Music Workshop during 35 Denton, our second episode of Project 35 features an interview with 35 Denton Founder and Baptist Generals frontman, Chris Flemmons. Join Chris and Scott as they discuss the history of 35 Denton, the struggles of building a music festival from the ground up, and the Baptist Generals. Be sure to check out the Baptist Generals and Bosque Brown at Dan’s Silverleaf on September 19!



Image credit: Marcus Junius Laws

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