Sounds of 35 is our bi-weekly series where we highlight our amazing staff and their individual music picks. The complete compilation can be found on 35 Denton’s Spotify account.Faith

Faith is 35 Denton’s Social Media Manager whenever she’s not at home drinking Evan Williams by herself with her cat, Kendrick Lameow. She used to like lambs a lot but now is kind of indifferent about them. She also has an OK-ish sense of humor. You can help her out with her follower/following ratio on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (username: lambloverfe). To hear more of what Faith is listening to, follow her on Spotify.

URL IRL – Cities Aviv

I really love Cities Aviv right now. Whether it’s because I was looking for something to replace Death Grips for me after they broke up (Although Death Grips didn’t actually break up and Cities Aviv has been around for about the same time, too). Despite the obligatory Death Grips comparison that you get with any abrasive, experimental hip-hop act in 2015, what I really like about Cities Aviv is how genre-bending his work is. Each album is different than the last, and he’s even been known to incorporate ~~**chillwave**~~ elements in his earlier stuff.

Brokeup – Arca

I love Arca because there’s nothing like him. You can’t get the same feeling by listening to anything else. I think this is probably one of his least experimental songs, so if you like it you should definitely branch out into his other stuff. I like to listen to Arca and pretend that I’m also some genius avant garde producer that works with Kanye West and FKA Twigs or something. I never will be, so it’s good that he can do that instead, I guess.

Talk About – Les Sins

I’m pretty much obsessed with anything that Chaz Bundick does. I just kind of freak out over anything with his name attached to it. However his side project, Les Sins, has a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to see him perform as Les Sins next month with our friends at Fun Fun Fun Fest! Talk About is one of my favorite tracks by him, but Lina is a close favorite.

In Heat (Javelin Rmx) – HEALTH

Yeah, you’ve heard of HEALTH because Crystal Castles remixed them that one time and now that song is on the SEARS store playlist or something … but have you heard this one specific song I included here?!?

Out of the Dark – Mr Twin Sister

Mr Twin Sister used to be known as Twin Sister, but they are Mr Twin Sister so that means they are very different now. They are also possibly getting paid more than Ms Twin Sister (hahaha … that’s not that funny). If you Google their name and pull up their Wikipedia article, it says that they have been compared to both Portishead and Cocteau Twins. I met Simon Raymonde of Cocteau last month and cried. And I don’t really care about what Mr Twin Sister calls themselves, because I like what they do. Plus, their frontwoman has a pretty cool Instagram account. So that’s a thing.

Keep A Secret – George Clanton

If you ever went through a vaporwave phase, you might have heard of ESPRIT 空想. You might also have heard of it because it used to be a popular clothing brand in the 80s but that’s okay too. Whether you’ve heard of it or not will make this sound any different to you. Either way, George Clanton is now going by his own name. Unlike other vaporwave artists that have seemingly shunned the genre after departing from it, George Clanton embraces it and I think he does some really cool stuff.

The Opening – Perfume

I guess it’s kind of weird to put Perfume and Arca on the same playlist. Also, it’s kind of weird to put a song called The Opening towards the end of a playlist. Either way, Yasutaka Nakata is one of my favorite producers and he is welcome on any playlist of mine. But, keeping in mind the other stuff on this list, I chose an instrumental song. C U L8R H8RS!!

tyantyakatyantyan – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I don’t really know what to say about this one. I almost wasn’t going to add it, but I have an inside joke with myself that I will add this song at the end of all my Spotify playlists as some kind of sincere good-bye or ending. Whenever I’m not pretending I’m as cool as Arca, I’m pretending my life is some closing sequence to an anime. See you next time!!

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