Though there are a ton of great music and other events going down this weekend sure to make for a helluva Li’l D Halloween, we at 35 Denton would be totes remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorite spooky jamz with y’all. Curated with input from our team and with the whole creepy theme of the eerie holiday in mind, we created this playlist that would be pretty perf. for you to rock out to while piecing together your costume for whatever awesomeness you’re getting into this weekend. With a little bit of everything from the obvious (Misfits) to the fun (Sir Mix-A-Lot) to Kanye (because, #duh), there’s something to creep out any kind of music lover. And remember to come nurse your hangovers on Sunday with the cleanup at Gloves (rumor has it beer and leftover candy will be on hand).

Remember: Take lots of candy from strangers, keep an eye on your dranks and holler at Wandervan or Uber to get your dressed up drunk ass home, mmmkay? Happy haunting!

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