Nikki Lair Photo || Sounds of 35Nikki is the Creative Assistant of 35 Denton and she would be considered a sophomore, thankfully high school is not a thing. Personal Assistant in law by day, Creative Assistant in the evening, night, or early morning, professional dog sitter all the other hours of the day. Nikki has been in Denton for five years but mainly lives out of her car, as you can find at least 20 pairs of shoes or 10 outfits spilling out of her trunk at any given time. Red Bull fanatic, nature lover, devoted traveler, shoe collector, musically bi-polar, sports ball, and professional awkwardly sarcastic.

Adele “Hello”

Hi my name is Nikki. I am a basic white girl who enjoys the sweet sounds of Adele’s haunting voice. I have been playing this nonstop, and admittedly sing it at the top of my lungs in the car. Side note: as basic as I am, I do not own Ugg boots.

The Rolling Stones “Best of Burden”

I jam this forever. It is, by far, my favorite Stones song. I distinctly remember listening to this song sitting in passenger seat of my dad’s beat up truck when I was very young, and it has become one of my favorite memories.

Ben Howard “Keep Your Head Up”

Ben Howard. That is all. Bow down. If you haven’t seen him live, I would bucket list that pronto. The passion he performs with is unmatched. This song is the epitome of perseverance. I jam this when I am having an off day. Pair this song with wine for full effect.  

Disclosure “Omen”

I plain and simple listen to this song to dance my ass off. Not literally, but that would be cool. I could probably fit in my jeans better.

Florence + The Machine “Dog Days are Over”

This is the song that made me realize I was falling deeply in love with someone.  

Beyonce “Partition”

My roadtrip song. I sing every lyric as if I am Beyonce. I fight through traffic with this and it always makes me feel a little bit better when going into work on a Monday. Be Beyonce Always.

Explosions in the Sky “Your Hand in Mine”

There are no words to this, and I think that is why I play this on a weekly basis. I have driven to this song at dusk more times than I can count. All the feels, all the time.

Childish Gambino “Bonfire”

Donald Glover is my dude. This song makes me laugh with its punny-ness, the hook has me acting like I can dance and rap. Which I can guarantee is not the case. Sorry ’bout the cursing.

The Animals “House of the Rising Sun”

I asked someone near and dear to me to give me a song that reminds them of me for this playlist. While I think it’s great that people get to hear what I like to listen to, I wanted some outside perspective of something that reminded me of them. When I asked this person “what, why?” it was explained that I randomly sing this song more than I probably realize. Also note my person said the lyrics “Well, I got one foot on the platform, the other on the train,” described me perfectly, I am never quite content with where I am. I will pretend like my person wasn’t calling me a ball and chain.

The Head and the Heart “Lost in My Mind”

When it feels like winter — like coffee, like late night books, like tea, like cigarettes in the evening, like never ending conversations — that’s when I listen to this song.

Cherub “Doses & Mimosas”

I jam this on Sundays when I am on my way to get mimosas and brunch, usually nursing a hangover that can only be cured by Mexican food and Cherub’s sound.

Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money”

My job is 50 percent trying to get people to pay their bills. I sing this on the daily to break up the monotony of having to make phone calls and feeling like big ol’ jerk, or when people aren’t the nicest, so I start to feel a little gangster. (Definitely not)

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