Sounds of 35 | Mindy ArendtMindy is the Hospitality Director for 35 Denton. Along with working with 35 Denton, she works creatively with other festivals like Thin Line Fest and Best Little Brewfest in Texas and her and a few friends have a charity called Friends with Benefits • Denton. She does have a job, which some people don’t seem to believe, with an ad agency in Dallas. She fills her extra time (haha, free time, what’s that?) with whiskey, craft beer & friends, playing kickball and softball in city leagues and relaxing with her pup and boyfriend.

I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown and The Famous Flames
So nice! Gotta love James Brown and his funky beats. It’s always a good way to start anything, especially this playlist. Go ahead, tap your feet and sing along loudly, I know you want to. It’ll be a duet, you start.
Good Love’n – The Rhythm & Beards
This local band won my ears over the first time I heard them. I got the sad news today that they will no longer preform, which means I had to include them in this list. They are such great guys, so much fun to hang out with and be around. Their full play list is still amazing, but man, they rocked live. 
Whiskey Before Breakfast – Boxcar Bandits
Denton band, Boxcar Bandits are so much fun and with a song about whiskey for breakfast, you know I’m all over it. I love the polka, toe-tapping sound that makes me want to skip around and boogie. 
Witch Doctor – De Staat 
I heard about this band via Facebook when my brother-in-law, Mark Harris, reposted the video, which you should go check out — it’s mesmerizing! 
A Mercurian Summer – Angel Vivaldi
I’m a sucker for instrumentals that tell a story by themselves, no need for words. All of Angel Vivaldi’s songs can be listened to while in work-mode.
WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams
MISSY IS MY GIRL!!!!!!! I’m so glad she’s coming back to kill it again in the hip-hop scene. She’s been missed and I felt like a fangirl when I saw her during the Superbowl halftime show. I was picking up wings for dinner, because I didn’t care about Katie Perry, and heard that beat and turned around to see MISSYYYYYY and literally yelled, “Oh, SHUT UP!” and started dancing. I can’t wait to see what she brings us to enjoy!
L.O.D – AV The Great
AV is an amazing, hard-working artist and person in-general. Getting to work with him on Thin Line Fest has been a pleasure. One of the most polite, intelligent, genuine people you’ll meet. He just did some work with Timberland and created this new album, check it out. In this new album, he reminds me of a young Kayne, before the fame made Mr. West crazy. Talent. Den10. No Fake Handshakes!
C.R.E.A.M. – Wu-Tang Clan
You guys know I’m into gangster rap, right? Wu-Tang is one of my favorites. Meeting Killah Priest at Hailey’s this past year with Charlie Hunter (35 Denton Booking Director) was a FANTASTIC experience. Sad I didn’t get to go to Fun Fun Fun Fest and see the whole group. All together now, put your hands up “WU-TANG, WU-TANG, WU-TANG, WU-TANG!”
Shimmu Shimmu Ya – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
ODB. That’s all. *mic drops*
Playing Dumb – Jessie Frye
Our very own Goth Pop Goddess Jessie Frye is such a badass. I love seeing her live. Her energy radiates through the crowd and into the streets. Much respect to this hard-working lady.
Hot Hands – Darius
I used this song for a video for Best Little Brewfest in Texas and fell in love with the sound! I just stumbled across the band and now listen to it when I’m ready to chill and social media roam.
The Fire – Seryn
Last but never least, our hometown heroes, Seryn. They were amazing and played a charity concert for Friends with Benefits in October — such amazing guys. I’m a little sad the gals aren’t in the band anymore, but their sound is still soothingly magnetic. Listening to them puts a calm over you and makes everything alright in the world. Watching them live is like a spiritual experience, where you feel like airy, floating, overlooking to see the bigger picture to see the purpose. The positive energy that comes from the stage when they are playing seeps deep within your ears, into your soul and you can’t take your eyes off of them. Beautiful. Just … beautiful.

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