“Big Bad Wolf” performed by Jessie Frye | courtesy of METALEDGE RECORDS | Video by Jon Collins and ARTLAB3000 | Produced by Shaina Sheaff

Are you ready? Our first announcement for 35 Denton 2016 is coming soon! The party returns to Denton on March 11-13, 2016, to take over and rock the town like nobody’s business. There will be music. There will be fun. And of course there will be beer. Because #duh. With some amazing acts already set and more on the way, we know this is going to be a fest to out-rock, out-fun, out-awesome any other. Put your party pants on, Denton (and beyond!) and get set to get your socks blown off.

In the meantime, you can purchase your 35 Denton 2016 wristband now for $45. Be sure to snag yours before the price goes up!


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