Don’t Miss This Shit is our weekly installment of live music events happening in and around Denton. We’re proud to keep you up to date with acts from the festival and some of our local favorites as well. We want you to be connected to all of the best shows happening in our area, all of the time. Period.

Have an event that didn’t make the list? Email Christen in advance so it makes the next round!

Words by Ryan M. Creery

Monday January 4

J&J’s Pizza – The News Can Wait, Wallclouds, Drown This Kingdom, Loose Temper – 8 p.m.

Start your week off right with some tunes that will knock you out of your Monday slump. Opening this basement show is hip-hop act Loose Temper from Dallas. Also from Dallas is the headliner The News Can Wait. If you love heavy rock with melodic vocals, you’ll want to make sure to come. Visiting from Oklahoma City is rock group Wallclouds.

RGRS – Rei Clone, Record Setter, Babycrust, Elana Patrice Nelson – 9 p.m.

Rubber Gloves is notorious for their awesome $1 shows. For those of you who like noise rock and maybe something a little out of the ordinary, this show’s got just what you want. Rei Cline and Elana Patrice Nelson are something quite extraordinary, of course both Denton-proud. Rounding out the night are two indie rock acts also from Denton, which will kick up your Monday night a few notches.

Tuesday January 5

Mulberry St. Cantina – Boxcar Bandits – 11 p.m.

Of all the folk acts in our small town, Boxcar Bandits are by far one of Denton’s oldest and most familiar. They’ve hit just about every stage in town and tonight they’re about to liven up Mulberry St. Cantina. Come out for some specialty margs, get some grub from Bet the House BBQ, and hit the dance floor with some sweet tunes.

Wednesday January 6

RGRS – Father Mountain, PurlSnapShirts, Jared Caraway, Animal Bar – 9 p.m.

Father Mountain just released their first EP back in September and you’ll be able to get one tonight, especially because the cover is only a buck. They’re headlining this show of folk and indie rock to take the hump out of your hump day — sorry, we had to.

Thursday January 7

UNT on the Square – Opening of Annette Lawrence Exhibition “Around Again” – 6:30 p.m.

Come on out and start your evening with fellow art lovers for the opening of Annette Lawrence’s exhibition. Lawrence is a UNT professor and Chair of Studio Art at the school. Fellow artist Christopher Blay will be speaking with Lawrence about the exhibition, the first of many events lined up for the artist. Go to for scheduled events.

Dan’s Sliverleaf – Will Johnson – 9 p.m.

If you’re familiar with Centro-matic and Monsters of Folk, then you’ll know the talents of Will Johnson. He’s doing a full solo set just for us. With all the bands he’s been in, we’re certain this set is going to be a lineup of his discography from over 20 years on the stage. Get your tickets on Prekindle early for $12 — it’s gonna be a treat.

Friday January 8

RGRS – Denton A.I.M. Fest Pre-Show – 8 p.m.

We’re all familiar with SXSW and ACL, but have you heard about the Austin Instrumental Music Festival? They’ll be in town to promote the festival, bringing with them three of the bands: Biscuit Head, Mannequin Mishap, and headliner halfsleep. Show up and you’ll have a chance for free tickets! It’s only $5 to get in.

Dan’s Silverleaf – Orcanaut, Mountain of Smoke, Duell, Summit – 9 p.m.

Orcanaut is headlining, a local heavy prog rock band. Sharing the stage with them is rock group Mountain of Smoke (from Dallas), another indie rock set by Duell (from Fort Worth) and Summit. It’s a big show and it’s gonna be high energy, so get ready. $10 cover.

The Lion’s Den – Trick Burn, Tamarron, dryspell, Bare Mountain – 9 p.m.

Dallas’s Bare Mountain opens this Friday show with their noise rock sound. Following them are two bands from Austin, dryspell (think Beach House meets Tennis) and Tamarron, an experimental-type indie rock group that’s pretty new to the scene. Denton’s own Trick Burn headlines the show, a slow rock group that will lull you into the end of the night. This is going to be one fantastic show.

Saturday January 9

RGRS – Playlists, William Austin Clay, Chief Dad – 9 p.m.

You know those $1 shows we were talking about? Rubber Gloves has yet another awesome show for us. William Austin Clay is Denton’s own, busting out psychedelic, poppy, almost ’70s flashback tunes. Opening is Chief Dad, also from Denton, a band in the vein of singer-songwriter sound, though maybe a little grittier. This is going to be a crazy-great show, especially for the small cover.

Dan’s Silverleaf – Superkings – 5 p.m.

Need something FREE to do? Come out to Dan’s to see Superkings, a Dallas band that’s been actively playing all over the Metroplex. They’ve gained popularity with their blues act and we’re excited to be able to catch them at one of our greatest venues.

Dan’s Silverleaf – Lincoln Durham – 9 p.m.

If you missed Lincoln the last time he was in town, you’re in luck. He’s coming back to Denton and Dan’s to perform his one-man act. His brilliant rebel country performance wowed us last time and we can’t wait to be wowed again. You’ll see him switch out instruments and pump through the whole set without losing a bit of energy. Trust us, you shouldn’t miss this.

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