Scott PorterScott Porter, a copywriter and podcast host for 35 Denton, lives in the bell tower of the Courthouse on the Square in beautiful downtown Denton, Texas. In addition to his work for 35, Porter helps out with the Day of the Dead Coffin Races, the Rock Lottery, and the Golden Jesus Chili Cookoff. Sometimes he’s in a band. In his spare time, he writes short autobiographical paragraphs for this page of this blog.

  1. Chelsea Wolfe: Iron Moon
    The aural equivalent of a hooded black robe. Perfect for those moments when you find yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a churning sea of ice.
  1. Shellac: Steady As She Goes
    1:40 to 2:25 = post-punk air drum perfection. Seriously, try it. Very satisfying.
  1. The Jesus Lizard: Slave Ship
    A shape-shifting dirge that contains my favorite riff of all time.
  1. Lungfish: Descender
    Baltimore wizard punk. Included for the sigh-inducing line: She converted me without a word, her church bell heartbeat was all I heard.
  1. True Widow: FOUR TEETH
    Go to that part of the woods where the trees have strange icons carved into their bark, just past the old cabin that’s falling down. Light the fire pit. Light the joint.
  1. Swans: Mother/Father
    Incessant and kinetic with powerhouse vocals by high priestess Jarboe. When she sings this song, unseen planets align on the other side of the universe.
  1. Sonic Youth: Titanium Expose
    This is a fucking freak out.
  1. Pinkish Black: Bottom of the Morning
    Swirling synth madness. You didn’t realize it had gotten so late. Stay under the streetlight until the fog clears. You’ll probably be okay. Just don’t look behind you.
  1. Russian Circles: 1777
    Haunting and triumphant, at once hopeful and full of dread. Far out, man.
  1. Earth: Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon
    Text me before you listen to this one. We’ll meet up and draw pictures of sorcerer serpents and werewolf warriors fighting for the fate of the realm.

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