Are you a merchant or food vendor wanting to be a part of this year’s 35 Denton Music Festival?  The vending application is now open for 2016!  We are committed to selecting and showcasing the best local retail and food providers.  Information regarding vending opportunities is provided in the 2016 Vending Application and Vending FAQ listed below. To apply, please submit the completed Vending Application to



How much does it cost to vend with 35 Denton?

A limited amount of 10×10 spaces are offered for Saturday & Sunday.  Retail / Informational booths are $3oo.  Food booths/trucks are $5oo.

What is included in that cost?

  1. 10×10 space
  2. Electricity (standard plug only)
  3. Feature on our blog
  4. Your name in the 35 Denton program
  5. 35 Denton vendor pass

What is not included in that cost?

Your tent, tables, chairs, fire extinguisher, electric chords, extension cords, trash receptacles, water, or water receptacles.

How do I sign up?

Please click on the following link: 35 Denton Vending Application

Upon completing the application, please submit the completed application to

How do I pay?

Once your vending application has been approved, you can send a check or money order made out to ’35 Denton’ to:

35 Denton
PO Box 2261
Denton, TX 76201

 * All vendor applications and payments must be received by February 1st in order for vendor names to be printed in program.

If I am a paid vendor, will I also get a wristband to see the shows?

Your 35 Denton vendor pass will allow you into the outdoor stage areas only.  Clubs and other venues are not included.

Can I vend for one day?

Unfortunately, you must be able to attend both Saturday and Sunday.  All vendors must remain open on Saturday & Sunday until 10pm each night.

Am I able to purchase two 10×10 spaces?

Of course!  Unfortunately, there are no discounts to purchasing additional space at this year’s festival.

Can I sell 35 Denton branded merchandise?

Not without approval.  Please email for further details.

Can I purchase ad space in the 35 Denton program?

Absolutely!  Please email for further details.

When can I start setting up my booth?

An assigned timeframe will be given to you as the festival approaches.

When can I start tearing down my booth?

Vendors can start tearing down their space after the last band plays on Sunday.

Do I need to have Food Handler Permit?

If you are a food vendor, a Food Handler permit is required.  All food trucks must be able to display the permit on the outside of the truck.

Can my booth sell water or beer?

No.  We have an official beer and water sponsor, therefore no vendors (food or retail) will be allowed to sell water or beer this year.

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