Sounds of 35 | Kat HollonKat is newnewnew this year to 35 Denton and came on board to help with … well, this, actually. She is in charge of creating and assembling Spotify playlists for the fest, and making sure the AWESOME 35 family gets to share their own musical tastes with you on the (mostly) weekly. Hobbies include hanging out with her two dogs, going to concerts, traveling, brunch and other painfully normal things.

Disclaimer: Now that I’m not speaking in third person, I feel like I should say … I really struggled making my own list. Probably because it’s like my own little debut to everyone as a 35 Denton member. After a lot of debate on how I would approach this, I decided on mood. So without further ado, enjoy a list of songs that make crappy days sitting at my desk 10x better (and might result in some kind of chair dancing).

Alessia Cara: Wild Things

I enjoy any song dedicated to the outsiders. Also, this album is pretty great start to finish.

Josh Ritter: Homecoming

This was the first song I fell in love with on Josh’s new album, and since he’s playing tonight (Friday! I’ll be there! Granada!), I felt like it should be on this list. Plus these lyrics get me every time- This town right here’s my everything and though I be torn away, it had my heart, it has my heart, be still my heart, my heart will stay.

Kendrick Lamar: King Kunta

This song is a perfect pre-game or pep talk whenever I need it. Attitude changer.

Jonathan Tyler: Hallelujah

No particular reason I love this song off JT’s new album, but I do.

Troye Sivan: Youth 

Troye has some songs that can have me in a blubbering heap on the floor, but this is not one of them.
Go ahead. Snap your fingers.

Kiiara: Gold

This is a new song. Like, I’ve only known about it for maybe a week but DAMN. I’m a fan of any song that makes me duck face and swerve my neck around to the beat.

David Bowie: Magic Dance

There’s no way this playlist could go without Bowie, especially this week. I kept this one for my own playlist because my first Bowie was Labyrinth. My siblings and I can still quote the movie, and sing this song, together. It will always make me happy. RIP Goblin King :(


Ummm, everything this guy does is magic in my ears and I want to roller disco to this one.

Ellie Goulding: Something in the Way you Move

Big Ellie fan here. No shame. Dig this song because I totally feel the feels (typical: you suck, but I still like you!) but I can dance it out rather than cry into a wine glass.

Kygo+Ella Henderson: Here For You

It might still be too soon to say this, but I want Kygo to produce/dj the soundtrack for my life.

We Were Promised Jetpacks: Quiet Little Voices

Makes me dance- check. Makes me sing- check. Yep. Now your turn.

Head Automatica: Beating Heart Baby

Remember Twist and Shout in Ferris Bueller? My version is performed with this song.

Jimmy Eat World: A Praise Chorus

I wanna always feel like part of this was mi-i-inneee… I wanna fall in love tonight.

Years+Years: King

Sorry not sorry you will never get this chorus out of your head. Catchy AF.

David Bowie: Golden Years

No, I wasn’t done shoving Bowie in your ears this week. Or any week. In fact, I might start adding random Bowie songs to everyone’s playlist when they send them to me.
Bonus Round #1: name at least one movie with this on the soundtrack.

Deadboy & the Elephantmen: Stop, I’m Already Dead

I dig this song so much, and was even more excited when I started netflix binging on iZombie and heard it was the opening theme song.

Josh Abbott Band & Pat Green: My Texas

What better way to get you in a good mood than to sing a list of things that make Texas so great?
Bonus Round #2: you can replace LarryJoeTaylorFest with 35DentonFest!


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