Podcasts? Why the hell not! Project 35 is not only one of our newest media ventures, it is another way to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the music we (hope you) love, straight from the artists’ mouths. Join local hero Scott Porter as he interviews myriad local and touring artists, for your listening pleasure. Follow us onSoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

Words by Christen Moynihan | Image by Thorpe Griner

We’re back with another Project 35, this time featuring shiny and potentially meteoric female-fronted Denton band Pearl Earl. With the release of their debut album Karaoke Superstar (check out the title track in the podcast) and subsequently garnering nods for Best New Act and Best New EP (for Karaoke Superstar), 2015 was no less than a huge year for the Denton band. Podcast maestro Scott Porter sits down with the three gals and one guy that make up Pearl Earl to get the skinny on the who, what, when, where and more. Check it out!

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