Podcasts? Why the hell not! Project 35 is not only one of our newest media ventures, it is another way to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the music we (hope you) love, straight from the artists’ mouths. Join local hero Scott Porter as he interviews myriad local and touring artists, for your listening pleasure. Follow us on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

Words by Jennifer Fitzsimmons | Image by Shaina Sheaff

Join Scott Porter, AV the Great, 88 Killa, Pete Freedman (Central Track), MillaDaMayor (Cash & Respect), and Matt Battaglia (Oaktopia & Monocle, Inc.) for a roundtable debate discussing the hunger and diversity of the DFW hip-hop scene.

As artists and promoters who’ve been in the game for many years, they all have some strong opinions on the evolution of local rap, how a hometown influences an artist’s sound and promotions, historic venues that truly helped grow hip-hop acts, the impact of Denton’s underground house party scene and the future of rap in the Metroplex.

If you remember nothing else from this episode of Project 35 remember this: “Don’t fake the funk”.

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