Richard OramRichard Oram hails from England, as is still a little unsure how he ended up in Denton in the first place, but is quite happy about it. He rocks the title of a Venue Coordinator for 35 Denton.

He is currently too old to still be doing this kind of thing.

 A random selection; it reflects, though, what I’ve been listening to: a lot of 60’s garage, some oldies and an occasional newie.

1. The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster.

The Rolling Stones at their brilliant, bluesy best. Brian Jones influence cannot be overstated.

2. Pink Floyd – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

I love Brian Jones era Stones like I love Syd Barrett era Floyd. This is the first real indication of the direction Floyd would take without their former guide, but without all the overblown nonsense.

3. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind.

I’ve always loved this song; last year I got to finally see the movie “Pirate Radio,” which opens, I believe, with the needle being dropped on this 45. Instantly hooked!

4. David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday.

Without his passing, Bowie is still always going to make this list. This is from his first solo album (under the Bowie name — he had previously recorded as Davy Jones) and although it fits well with a string of modish pop songs clearly has elements of the Ziggy Stardust feel that would make him, well, David Bowie.

5. Tomorrow – My White Bicycle.

Psychedelic ’60s pop was not just the preserve of the US. Tomorrow never were able to follow this up with anything quite as good, but one classic is enough, sometimes.

6. The Smoke – My Friend Jack.

See “Tomorrow” above. They may have been from Germany; this three minutes of genius would excuse any and all of that.

7. The Other Half – Mr. Pharmacist.

1. A great song. 2. Covered extensively by other bands. 3. Makes me think of the ‘PHARMACY’ sign at Rubber Gloves.

8. The Squires – Going All The Way.

Running out of things to say. So just LISTEN.

9. We The People – In The Past.

So many good American bands around in the mid-to late-’60s, and so many of them able to get records out there. They couldn’t possibly all be hits, so there are so many great finds like this.

10. Zakary Thaks – Bad Girl.

And like this.

11. T. Rex – Cosmic Dancer.

Before David Bowie died, Marc Bolan died. His music was pretty solid, too.

12. The Dentists – Tony Bastable versus John Noakes.

In the mid-’80s, in the UK, right about the time I was discovering garage music, the Dentists were performing it. Really, really, well, I might add. Bastable and Noakes were presenters on rival children’s TV shows.

13. The Jam – Eton Rifles.

I lived and breathed with the Jam from 1977-1982. This song? THE BEST.

14.  The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Remember when they played at 35 Denton?  This is their cover of Pink Floyd’s well-known but tough to find b-side.

15. Blaire Alise and the Bombshells.

Played at 35 Denton last year, and I believe they may be coming back. Don’t miss.

16. Well Hung Heart – Bulls#it!


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