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Christen, blog manager and unicorn wrangler by trade, is the HBIC of keeping the 35 Denton blog running smoothly. A Denton transplant originally from Wyoming, she especially enjoys happy hours on patios, being able to wear flip-flops nearly year-round and isn’t afraid to root for her beloved Red Sox even though she’s deep in Ranger country. In her non-35 life, she also manages The Broke-Ass Bride and helps Dentonites keep their sanity with their own weddings through Little Wedding Extras. She has an affinity for cats, high-fives and sparkles.

Adele — Send My Love (To Your New Lover)**
This is my current fave off “25.” It’s super upbeat and it keeps getting stuck in my head on repeat. But TBH, the whole damn album is legit.
Lily Allen — Hard Out Here
I’m v. obsessed with Lily, and it was super hard for me to nail down just one (srsly, my whole playlist could be made up of her ish), but I love this song off her latest album, Sheezus.
Lily Allen – Fuck You
Pretty much my regular anthem, sung with a smile. I actually prefer her older stuff (all the electronic ish from her new album isn’t really my jam), but again, #obsessed.
John Prine and Iris DeMent — In Spite of Ourselves
If ever you find yourself wanting me to just shut it, put this song on and watch the magic unfold. I first heard it while sitting in a dive bar after work when I lived in Louisville, Ky., and after figuring out who it was I shit you not, I played it for like a month straight.
The Raincoats — Lola
While I adore lots of what this band has put out, this cover of The Kinks’ song is the one that gets me the most excited when I hear the opening chords. There’s something raw and unabashed about it that gets me every time.
Bikini Kill — Rebel Girl
This song may be solely responsible for ushering in my love for chick-led punk bands.
Alvvays — Archie, Marry Me
My buddy Cory intro’d me to this song, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have to scroll back to May of last year on his Facebook page to find the band and song title, regardless of the fact that it’s stuck in my head more often than not.
**Christen’s song choice, Send My Love, is not available on Spotify at this time. Please enjoy the only Spotify-available song off this VERY LEGIT album. Thanks, Kat – your friendly Spotify playlist builder

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