SofarSounds_Denton_ShainaSheaffWords by Emily White | Image by Shaina Sheaff

Denton Problems: Sometimes there’s so much music badassery on any given night that usual music venues cannot contain the throng of artistry available to the hungry music masses. Fortunately, Denton audiences have solved this potential disparity by cultivating the do-it-yourself house show into its own unique aesthetic. Sofar Sounds knows Denton is on top of its house show game, and wants to join with 35 Denton to treat 10 guests with a FastTrack wristband to a special event. This event will be held in a private setting during the festival. Here’s what you do:

  1. Register for the Sofar Sounds list.
  2. Register for the 35 Denton list.

This sweet deal is available to the first 10 FastTrack wristband holders who register with Sofar and 35 Denton. Remember to include your most active email address when registering so as to get ample notification of the special festival event. Get your wristband and register for this excellent event!

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