Shaina Sheaff - Creative Director of 35 Denton When Shaina isn’t doing something as the Creative Director for 35 Denton, she can usually be found sticking a camera in someone’s face, discussing which breed of cat is best with her 6-year-old or on the patio at Dan’s. A lifelong resident of Denton, she is passionate about connecting with and investing in her neighbors and spends a fair amount of time working with Help-Portrait: Denton and as co-owner of The Dentonite. Shaina doesn’t only listen to hip-hop (but has been a lot over the past six months) and wanted you to know that she doesn’t enjoy speaking in third person.

Been On My Grind – Dej Loaf

This one has been played a lot lately. “This shit is chess not checkers” is probably one of my favorite lines. Lyrically relatable for me — especially as of late.

Izzy Izzy Aah – Missy Elliott

All hail Missy. I’m so glad she’s back (and that latest video is sick), but I’ve been listening to her earlier stuff lately. I’m all about confident, talented women who aren’t afraid to speak up and Missy is just that. I can often be found mouthing the words along while working at the computer for hours on end.

 Skrt On a Hater – 88 Killa

This guy is awesome. He was part of our panel podcast discussion on the state of DFW hip-hop and I left with an actual cassette tape of his music. Bonus points for marketing himself in an oldschool, classic way. Pro-fester tip: if you’ve purchased a FastTrack wristband, you’ll be able to catch him out at Mockingbird Sound Recording Studio performing during our VIP party recording sessions. We haven’t announced that full lineup yet, but will soon.
At The King – PHZ-Sicks

I walked in to Andy’s during 35 last year after he had taken the stage and was blown away by the amount of energy he brought. I’m a big fan of the sound that comes from the VA/DC hip-hop and rap scenes, and his passion for film comes through in his lyrics. Related: his music videos are always on point. Check out The Constant. I want to see this guy on 35’s main stage at some point. *Cough*booking team*cough*.
Mathematics – Mos Def

On repeat constantly. That beat tho.

Light Up A Blunt – Duke

Denton born and raised. About it. I’ve been enjoying keeping my eye on all the Gitmo artists. They’re bringing some solid stuff to the table.

BKNY – Fat Tony

First saw this guy while shooting for 35 in 2013. From the danceparty that took place on stage to the crowdsurfing cat at our beloved late Hailey’s, that was a helluva show. He’s back this year and you won’t want to miss it. Fun fact: this song was supposed to be featured in the first promo, but we had to adjust our concept a smidge and weren’t able to use all the songs we wanted to.

Why I Love You – Jay-Z & Kanye West

The Watch The Throne tour is still one of the most amazing live shows I’ve been to. And that includes being on the floor during Radiohead last time they came to Dallas. HOV forever wears the crown in my heart, but I love the shit out of this entire album.

X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX

This is what I like to listen to with my morning coffee. Every song should begin with growling.

Let The Beat Build – Lil Wayne

I love everything he does. This one has been getting a lot of play time lately because of how it flows. Super easy for me to zone out and work to. Weezy F, baby.

Get Throwed – Bun B

Texas forever.

Back Up – Dej Loaf

My first intro to her music. My girl, Buttons, and I have both been playing this a lot lately.

Keep It Trill – AV The Great feat J. Flame & T.C.

Super excited to see him open for Biz this year. His energy and dedication are unmatched and we’re working some cool stuff out for his set. It’s gonna be a party. Don’t miss it.

All Eyes On Me – Clipse

I met Gene once at a wedding after he’d started going by “No Malice.” No worries — I played it super cool.

Notorious Thugs – Biggie

Shout out to the old Kharma Crew. We used to blare this over the speakers and have mini-dance parties after locking the door for the night.

Nikki – Logic

I might get some flack for loving him, but his Young Sinatra mixtape on Datpiff and Under Pressure got me through this time last year. Dude is a poet — I love that he penned a love letter/break up note to his addiction to nicotine and presented it as if he were speaking to a woman. He references his relationship with “Nikki” repeatedly throughout the entire album. I’m all about clever writing.

Hands On The Wheel – Schoolboy Q

Some of the 35 crew roadtripped to FFF last year and he was one of my must-see artists. Despite being under the weather, he still had the crowd going. His music regularly shows up on my playlists.

Lift Off – Picnictyme feat Sam Lao

Sam’s stuff isn’t on Spotify (check her on Soundcloud — faves are “Run” and “Haze”), but I found this and dig it.

We Dem Boys – Wiz Khalifa

King of Chill.

** Note: Instead of Valentine’s Day, it’s “YAY! Shaina was born today- day!” Hope you have the happiest birthday, friend! And thank you for bringing me to the 35 Denton team. ~Katten

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