CircusDaysOnlineReleaseSingleImageWords: Danielle Longueville | Image: Jon Harper

With 35 Denton merely weeks away, the hype over this year’s lineup is just too, too live. So live that we couldn’t wait to share with you our thoughts on some local favorites, who were kind enough to peep us a sample of their new tunes. This week, we bring you Bird Meets Winter with “Circus Days,” a local band with a lot of heart, a lot of talent and a keen hand at crafting ballads that connect with their audience on an emotional level we haven’t experienced in a good, long while.

From first listen, the opening chords seem to resonate to the core, as if to say “damn, this is about to get real,” and it really does. The overall tone of the song is initially very somber, but with bittersweet undertones as you reach the chorus, reassuring that there’s an uphill to this downfall. The sole repeating line, ” in the meantime I’ll be falling down” seems to pull you down into the depths, as if you’re really there in that circus, falling from the high-rise tight rope. For Joel Larner, lead vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter of BMW, “Circus  Days” is a “retrospective song about life, loving and losing … ” an homage to the plights he and BMW as a band has experienced throughout 2015.  Larner explained that “‘in the meantime I’ll be falling down’ is all about that sense of being connected to another person … we’re all emotionally vulnerable to some degree … the base of the song is really about a fear of abandonment and being left behind.”

Since its start in 2011, Bird Meets Winter (comprised of Larner on vocals/keyboard, James Canavan on guitar, Jordan Batson on guitar, Jon Harper on bass, Gerald Holt on drums and Adrien Wallace on vocals) has had its own share of ups and downs both on and off stage, with the coming and going of band members and collaborations that fed the creative writing process for Joel and his bandmates. However, 2016 looks like the uphill climb for Bird Meets Winter. Thanks to a temporary hiatus in 2015 and newfound members — Holt and Wallace — the group managed to take some serious time to craft a full-length album, which is set to release March 18th at Dan’s Silverleaf with psych-pop group Mtn Air and post-punk indie group Teem Up.

On goals for the future of the new album, “Departures,” Larner shared that “we definitely hope this album release will be a stepping stone towards bigger things for us as a band … the main thing is [to try] to be more visible as a ban outside of Denton. We’ve had to deal with a lot of changes … and this is our rising back up. We’re in one of the best places we’ve ever been and we’re excited to share that with everyone.”

Bird Meets Winter is set to play the Mockingbird Studio Sessions (formerly Redwood Studios sessions) during 35 Denton, as well as prior to the fest on March 6th at Harvest House supporting out-of-towner Shaiyna Rain alongside The Demigs. But to hear “Circus Days” live, you’ll just have to wait until March 18th at Dan’s Silverleaf with Mtn Air and Teem Up.

We hope to see you there, on the high end of the tight rope.

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