Words by Kat Hollon

Well y’all, not only is it Friday, but the countdown has begun …
We are officially a week away from 35 Denton Fest 2016! ARE YOU FEELIN’ IT?!
And most importantly, have you purchased your wristbands from PreKindle yet?

Many of our hard-working 35 Denton artists have been dropping new music recently, so we wanted to give you the ssswweeeeeettttt round-up. They are available on a scattering of mediums, so here are some links to get you going:

Charles Bradley | new singles! |  Spotify

Big Ups | new album released today! | Spotify and Read

Vanessa Peters | new album! | SoundCloud

Sheer Mag | new EP and video! | Read / Stream / Watch

Tacocat | new singles! “I Hate the Weekend” is pretty fitting for a Friday… | Spotify

My Gold Mask | new album released today! | Spotify and Read / Stream

What Moon Things | new single! | Spotify

Purple | new video! | YouTube and Spotify

As we get closer to the big event, please make sure you are following 35 Denton for all things fest!
Facebook: 35 Denton
Twitter: @35denton
Instagram: @35denton
Spotify: 35 Denton Music Festival
Soundcloud: Project 35 Podcasts (you can also subscribe on iTunes!)
Snapchat: thirtyfived
Hashtag for all the things: #35Denton | you can keep up with the fest, and BONUS, we get to see it your way!

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