We love the way Denton comes alive during any of the numbers of festivals that call the downtown area home throughout the year. The lights. The crowds. The insane dance parties. We love it all. More than that, we’re inspired daily throughout the year by the people who make Denton what it is – you. And we’d love to see Denton through your eyes this weekend.

For our 2016 fest, we’re asking festgoers to film what they love best about 35 Denton on their smartphones during the fest. From the artists on stage, to the friends and the memories made, to the vendors, and even the venues – what makes you come back to 35 Denton year after year? We will be creating and releasing several short films highlighting the best of Denton during the fest to share with the world. If your video clip is chosen, you’ll receive a limited edition 35 Denton t-shirt from Sunday Print Shop and a credit as one of our contributing videographers on the video and Youtube page for 35 Denton.

We’ll start taking video submissions on the first day of the fest, March 11th. Submission deadline is a firm March 18th. Send your video clips to video@35denton.com. Here’s what we’ll need with each submission:

1. Your full name – if your video is chosen, we want to give you proper credit.

2. Make sure to turn your phone horizontal before recording – we can only use full crop and won’t be able to accept any submissions where your phone is held vertically.

3. Your contact info – so we can send you that rad, limited edition shirt from Sunday Print Shop.

4. Please be kind – Videos showing illegal activity, violence, or anything meant to be harmful/malicious won’t be accepted.

Looking for some tips on how to get the most out of your smartphone? We’ve got ’em!

1. Wipe off your lens with soft fabric before filming – like your dry t-shirt.
2. Make sure you have plenty of space and battery power – OSDH & ESSC offer charging stations for smart phones if you’re running low on juice.
3. Consider using an app like FilmicPro if you’re wanting to begin upping your smartphone video game on a regular basis.
4. Rather than digitally zooming, which will hurt the quality of the video – use your feet to adjust your frame. Don’t be scared to get close!
5. Look for available items you can use as a tripod! Everything from your beer can to a fence can be used to stabilize your smart phone.
6. Don’t worry about sound! Save on storage space by turning your mic off. We’ll be using the music of local artists to provide the soundtrack for each film.

Share as many submissions as you’d like, be safe, and have fun! We can’t wait to party with y’all!

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