Do For It RecordsPodcasts? Why the hell not! Project 35 is not only one of our newest media ventures, it is another way to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the music we (hope you) love, straight from the artists’ mouths. Join local hero Scott Porter as he interviews myriad local and touring artists, for your listening pleasure. Follow us on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

Words by Christen Moynihan

This week, the week of 35 Denton, our intrepid podcast host Scott Porter sits down with the dudes behind Do For It Records talk about how they got started, the challenges they face, their love for one another (and shared booze) and what makes them stand out among a sea of labels. Don’t miss Do For It’s special showcase for 35 Denton on Friday at Abbey Underground — featuring:

Shaolin Death Squad
In Memory of Man
The Raven Charter
Mountain of Smoke
Convoy and the Cattlemen
The guys The Jerry Jonestown Massacre will be lurking around to podcast this show. Shaolin Death Squad will also be releasing their E.P. and there will be no less than a ton of merch available, so don’t forget your wallet! Party starts at 8. Get some!

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