Words by Kat Hollon | Image by Jonathan Silverberg

Happy Friday! Well, not just ANY Friday … amiright? You did it, gang. You made it. You survived. The wait is over. FESTIVAL WEEKEND HAS BEGUN! I made you a little weekend appetizer of music, from Spotify-available artists, to get you pumped up! These are some that I am looking forward to — my own little 35 Denton snack. But don’t let me sway you. This is not even close to covering the musical buffet you will have access to all weekend. Check the schedules. Make sure you know where to go to pick up your wristband (you have to pick up your own!). Remember to hashtag your media #35Denton. And on Sunday, we spring forward so adjust your lack of sleep this weekend accordingly. Ok, I am done mom-ing you. Onto the music …  Lets. Denton. Do it. 

*Please do not forget that we “spring forward” on Sunday! We would hate for you to miss your favs!*

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