The mythos of Sheer Mag begins like so many other celebrated rock n’ roll bands of yore: With two brothers. Following in the tradition of The Bee Gees, Oasis and The Almond Brothers, the brothers Seely conspired to create a rock n’ roll band to end all rock bands. The sheer magnitude of the endeavor required the recruitment of a daring drummer, a fearless lyricist and a diva who could party hard AND write the rent check. Is it Punk? Is it Rock n’ Roll? We’ll leave that to the music “critics”.

Shaolin Death Squad is a theatrical, progressive hard rock band from Denton, Texas. A genre bending but accessible experience, with an interest in theatrical arts, Shaolin Death Squad offers a unique live performance which often leaves their audience intrigued and eager for more.

Northern National is an Alternative band from Dallas, TX. Fronted by Michael Rossi and Michael Kanne their independent debut album “Young & in Love” released on September 2nd, 2014.

Named after a skateboard move, Los Angeles band NIGHTMARE AIR emphasizes upbeat sonic momentum, during both live performances and in the studio. Since the band’s inception in 2011, the trio comprised of Dave Dupuis, Swaan Miller and Jimmy Lucido, have been filling venues across the globe with energetic massive sound walls, captivating lights, and ethereal vocals.

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