Words by Danielle Longueville If you’re feeling a little DIY during your perusing about of 35 Denton, our day-time programmers have the ultimate pit stop for you. Introducing the first of its kind for 35D: The Cigar Box Guitar Building Workshop. Cigar box guitars, a rare but amusing find these days, were born of innovation and creativity of poor musicians as early back as the 1800s who simply could not afford to purchase guitars. Instead, these ambitious musicians found common objects and turned them into vessels of music, so their songs could be heard. Today, they’re a great ‘round-the-house novelty […]

Words: Danielle Longueville | Image: Jon Harper With 35 Denton merely weeks away, the hype over this year’s lineup is just too, too live. So live that we couldn’t wait to share with you our thoughts on some local favorites, who were kind enough to peep us a sample of their new tunes. This week, we bring you Bird Meets Winter with “Circus Days,” a local band with a lot of heart, a lot of talent and a keen hand at crafting ballads that connect with their audience on an emotional level we haven’t experienced in a good, long while. From first listen, the opening chords seem […]

2015 has been quite possibly one of the most tumultuous years we’ve seen in a long time. From a variety of changes — some bad, some good — to unprecedented moments in history that have opened some pretty awesome doors, we have to admit 2015 has definitely kept us on our toes. Here at 35 Denton, we decided to take a moment and reflect on the good, the stuff that makes us and our readers the happiest: That sweet combination of love and music. This year, we managed to witness that perfect mélange in an increasingly popular fashion: engagements at music festivals. Contributor […]

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