Interview by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner On Thursday January 22, the Greater Denton Arts Council celebrated and welcomed their new Executive Director, Tracy Bays-Boothe. We had the opportunity of talking with Tracy to find out more about what she does with the organization and community as a whole and are excited to share this intriguing interview with you. Read below for more information.   SARA BUTTON : Congratulations on your new position as the Executive Director over the Greater Denton Arts Council! That is exciting news! What are some of your immediate and long term goals within your new position? […]

Words by Danielle Longueville How Do You Sleep At Night – Beach Day Die-hard Cranberries fans, this band is the band for you. Brooklyn Exposed quotes Beach Day as “Beachy[duh] and fun, [Beach Day] is sort of like a Ronettes meets Black Lips mash up.” We love Kimmy Drake and her ethereal vocals on their latest album Native Echoes, and so should you. Keep an eye on this musical prize for 2015. Cynic – Sister Crayon NorCal natives Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez of Sister Crayon have a symbiotic way of unifying pop, soul and electronic that seems to swaddle […]

Words by Danielle Longueville || Images by Thorpe Griner Oh Danny Boy, the Abbey Inn is calling! There are few words within the English language capable of encompassing just how decadently satisfying downtown Denton’s favorite pub can be. As you enter through a series of hearty-oak doors, it feels as though you are stepping into a realm within the 19th Century, complete with traditional church pews for seating and high, echoey ceilings. We suggest a round of Scotch eggs and a pint of Boddingtons Bitter for an experience one will surely remember. The Abbey Inn isn’t just a glimpse into the […]

Hope all you weekend party animals are enjoying your Sunday Funday. Here is a new Sunday Staff Pick from our very own Director of Programming (and gentleman extraordinaire), Charlie Hunter. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here. Swing by the  35 Denton Spotify for a comprehensive list of all the artists announced thus far.   Lowell – The Bells This is one of the acts I’m most looking forward to seeing at the fest. I can’t get over this song. Do yourself a favor and check out the video. I’ve been forcing it on everybody I talk to and […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner     Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2015, Banter is a local landmark. You can smell the savory aroma of fresh coffee brewing from a block away. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming; naturally lit during the day, dimly-lit in the evening, with an overall laid-back vibe. Banter is a great substitute office when you need to get out during the day and doubles as a live music venue at night. Heck, they even have an open mic on Thursday nights! Whether ordering their bottomless coffee or a craft beer, Banter’s menu is appetizing and […]

Words by: Jessica Hume || Images by: Marcus Junius Laws If you wandered through Dan’s Silverleaf last Thursday you probably had the privilege of catching The Holler Time. If you stayed home that night, well, you could probably still hear their groovy baselines for miles around over the sound of Netflix and your cats. Not only do these gentlemen have some rowdy personalities and great taste in hats, but they play some pretty catchy tunes, as well. Luckily, you’ve got the chance to catch them again during 35 Denton 2015. Just don’t forget to ask their bassist, Wally Campbell, for some of his “true stories.”  

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