Words by Danielle Longueville If you’re feeling a little DIY during your perusing about of 35 Denton, our day-time programmers have the ultimate pit stop for you. Introducing the first of its kind for 35D: The Cigar Box Guitar Building Workshop. Cigar box guitars, a rare but amusing find these days, were born of innovation and creativity of poor musicians as early back as the 1800s who simply could not afford to purchase guitars. Instead, these ambitious musicians found common objects and turned them into vessels of music, so their songs could be heard. Today, they’re a great ‘round-the-house novelty […]

We love the way Denton comes alive during any of the numbers of festivals that call the downtown area home throughout the year. The lights. The crowds. The insane dance parties. We love it all. More than that, we’re inspired daily throughout the year by the people who make Denton what it is – you. And we’d love to see Denton through your eyes this weekend. For our 2016 fest, we’re asking festgoers to film what they love best about 35 Denton on their smartphones during the fest. From the artists on stage, to the friends and the memories made, to the […]

To sign to a local label or not to sign; that is the question. Join us on at Sweetwater Bar & Grill on Saturday March 14, 2015 between 1:00pm – 2:00pm for a discussion about the role of the record label in today’s music industry. Jamie-Paul Falcon will moderate this our Local Label Panel this coming Saturday. “This panel will be a discussion with some local Denton personalities who make it possible for bands to expand from just selling downloads, or getting little royalties from streaming services,” Falcon explains. “People know the music, they don’t know who’s putting the work […]

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