Words: Danielle Longueville | Image: Jon Harper With 35 Denton merely weeks away, the hype over this year’s lineup is just too, too live. So live that we couldn’t wait to share with you our thoughts on some local favorites, who were kind enough to peep us a sample of their new tunes. This week, we bring you Bird Meets Winter with “Circus Days,” a local band with a lot of heart, a lot of talent and a keen hand at crafting ballads that connect with their audience on an emotional level we haven’t experienced in a good, long while. From first listen, the opening chords seem […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner Live close to UNT? Need a ride to the festival? We’ve got you covered. Three of our favorite bars located close to the University of North Texas are teaming up with 35 Denton this year to help you get to the festival footprint! Lucky Lou’s will be running their bus in 30 minute intervals throughout the entire weekend during festival time, starting on Friday evening at 6:00pm. The bus will stop running at 11:00pm on Friday night and pick back up on Saturday & Sunday between 11:00am – 11:00pm. “We here at Lucky Lou’s […]

Bands on Bands is a recurring feature on the 35 Denton blog that will highlight musician interviews written by none other than our own local musicians. Throughout this series we aspire to help you learn more about some of your favorite musicians playing the festival this year as well as introduce you to new and upcoming acts. Words by Ariel Hartley || Images by Shaina Sheaff ARIEL HARTLEY: You participated in Rock Lottery this year, how wasyour experience and how do you think it benefits the Denton community? Kaela Sinclair: I did! It was an honor to be asked to participate this year. Rock […]

Words by Danielle Longueville & Morgan Gentry || Images by Thorpe Griner Nothing goes together better than a slice of pizza and a cold brew. Home to the best homemade marinara this side of the Mississippi, J&J’s Pizza resides as a revered fixture of local favorite eateries for the last twenty years. Step through the glass-paned storefront covered in local music posters, and become part of Denton’s rich history. This local pizza joint provides Denton with fresh ingredients from local produce and in-house meat choices, whether you order the New York-style hand tossed pizza or Chicago deep dish. Your senses are immediately […]

Words by Megan Storie || Images by Hillary Head Longing for the perfect handcrafted body product made with love and all natural ingredients? Let Salted Sanctuary be your salvation. Treat your nostrils to the irresistible aromas of patchouli, sweet orange, and lavender lulu with Kimberly Bien’s assorted creations of bath salts, body scrubs, bath bombs, soaps, massage products and lip care. Bien’s favorite scents vary by season and for spring her go-to is lime & basil or citrus energy. Bien has been a Denton local for five years and has been making body care products for over 15 years and officially became […]

Words by Sara Button || Image by Michael Garcia Our friends over at Thin Line Film Festival have been really busy lately, as their 8th annual film festival begins today! The 5-day festival spans from Thursday February 18 – Sunday February 22, 2015 and will include film screenings, live music, and photography exhibitions throughout town. “Having the opportunity to work on a festival that has been a part of Denton culture for 7 years is an honor,” Director of Marketing, Mindy Arendt shares. “Getting to work with people like Josh [Butler], Paul Meltzer, Chris AV and Ed Steele on this year’s fest has […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Karma Yoga Denton Stop! Drop! & Yoga! 35 Denton is proud to announce Karma Yoga – Denton yogi’s partnering with small businesses to bring community based yoga classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Their mission is to make yoga more accessible for everyone without the stress of membership fees and the pressure of studio walls. Karma Yoga has been holding classes for several weeks now, including a couple at Denton’s newest brew house, Audacity. Classes will be $5 each (which is completely insane, and a very good deal) and they will be […]

Words by Violet Ravotti || Images by Howard Draper   Howard Draper is the founder of Bike Denton, a news source that discusses cycling in Denton. Established in 2007, they write about topics regarding bicycle advocacy and racing.  Draper was compelled to initiate this in our community after a coworker riding her bike on Mingo Street in Denton survived a hit-and-run impact.   35 Denton is a green, walkable 3-day festival and we strongly encourage the use of bicycles over the festival weekend (and just in general, y’all). There will be plenty of bike racks within the festival footprint and all over downtown. Staff writer, […]

 Words by Natalie Hage || Images by Jessica Hume West Oak Coffee Bar might be young in age, but it’s already rich in history. Opening their doors this past December, West Oak Coffee Bar gained an immediate following. Fun fact: their front doors are rumored to be authentic 1960’s Dallas post office doors. We went for the cold chocolate milk on tap and stayed for the infectiously warm staff and irresistibly cozy atmosphere.  When you walk into West Oak Coffee Bar you step into a place of comfort, smiles, laughs, and hearty chatter. Donned in dapper attire, there is always a bright smiling member of staff […]

Interview by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner On Thursday January 22, the Greater Denton Arts Council celebrated and welcomed their new Executive Director, Tracy Bays-Boothe. We had the opportunity of talking with Tracy to find out more about what she does with the organization and community as a whole and are excited to share this intriguing interview with you. Read below for more information.   SARA BUTTON : Congratulations on your new position as the Executive Director over the Greater Denton Arts Council! That is exciting news! What are some of your immediate and long term goals within your new position? […]

Words by Danielle Longueville || Images by Thorpe Griner Oh Danny Boy, the Abbey Inn is calling! There are few words within the English language capable of encompassing just how decadently satisfying downtown Denton’s favorite pub can be. As you enter through a series of hearty-oak doors, it feels as though you are stepping into a realm within the 19th Century, complete with traditional church pews for seating and high, echoey ceilings. We suggest a round of Scotch eggs and a pint of Boddingtons Bitter for an experience one will surely remember. The Abbey Inn isn’t just a glimpse into the […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner     Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2015, Banter is a local landmark. You can smell the savory aroma of fresh coffee brewing from a block away. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming; naturally lit during the day, dimly-lit in the evening, with an overall laid-back vibe. Banter is a great substitute office when you need to get out during the day and doubles as a live music venue at night. Heck, they even have an open mic on Thursday nights! Whether ordering their bottomless coffee or a craft beer, Banter’s menu is appetizing and […]

Words and Images by Jessica Hume If you’ve ever been to The Downtown Denton Square, or, as us locals endearingly refer to is as, “The Square” you’ve probably noticed: Denton is an eclectic town, with a diverse group of human beings inhabiting it. It’s kind of our thing.  When you wander around The Square, it’s hard not to happen upon the giant purple building on the corner of Oak and Locust. Recycled Books is the place in which all of the eclectic things coalesce into one. Whether you are looking for books, music, CDs, DVDs vinyl records, coffee mugs, greeting cards, and incredibly nice and intelligent staff, chances are, you […]

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