Denton means something special to all of us and we loved pouring through the nearly 400 images submitted via Instagram using the #MYDENTONTX hashtag. It was hard to pick just one photo that accurately summed up the Denton experience and lifestyle, but we did it! We are thrilled to announce that Zach Ashcraft’s (@zach_ashcraft) image was selected as the grand prize winner and he will receive the first three day wristband to 35 Denton 2016, as well as an instant film package from Denton Camera Exchange! Because we couldn’t get enough of the other photos submitted, we had to pick two […]

Words & Images by: Marcus Junius Laws John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats was just hanging out, getting his vinyl fix inside Mad World Records… and he let me do a little impromptu available light shoot with him in the window. He was a total sweetheart, rocked our main stage and this is one of my favorite shots from that moment.

Words by Sara Button || Images by Thorpe Griner     Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2015, Banter is a local landmark. You can smell the savory aroma of fresh coffee brewing from a block away. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming; naturally lit during the day, dimly-lit in the evening, with an overall laid-back vibe. Banter is a great substitute office when you need to get out during the day and doubles as a live music venue at night. Heck, they even have an open mic on Thursday nights! Whether ordering their bottomless coffee or a craft beer, Banter’s menu is appetizing and […]

Words & Images by: Shaina Sheaff I’ll admit it – I didn’t know who Fat Tony was. But I’d heard there were rappers at Hailey’s that night, so that’s where I headed. When I walked in, the dance party was already well under way. By the end of it, there were at least 20 girls on stage with Fat Tony and Tom Cruz and I’d seen a cat go crowd-surfing by.* I hadn’t gone to Hailey’s that night to cover any particular artist, but I ended up a fan and that set remains one of my favorite memories from 2013’s festival. * Some very nice festival goers intervened and the cat was safely released outside.

Words and Images by Jessica Hume If you’ve ever been to The Downtown Denton Square, or, as us locals endearingly refer to is as, “The Square” you’ve probably noticed: Denton is an eclectic town, with a diverse group of human beings inhabiting it. It’s kind of our thing.  When you wander around The Square, it’s hard not to happen upon the giant purple building on the corner of Oak and Locust. Recycled Books is the place in which all of the eclectic things coalesce into one. Whether you are looking for books, music, CDs, DVDs vinyl records, coffee mugs, greeting cards, and incredibly nice and intelligent staff, chances are, you […]

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