Poster Art by Jon Harper, original artwork for Skagg Philips by Michael Reeder Joseph Carr submitted this piece ahead of this weekend’s album release shows by 35 Alums CORY PATRICK COLEMAN and SKAGG PHILIPS (DANIEL MARKHAM will be there, too). A lover of Denton, friend to both bands and music enthusiast who knows his way around a word or two, Carr provides special insight into the moments leading up to the new releases. If you’re headed up to Paschall Bar, Give him a high-five. He’ll be the guy at the door or cleaning up your spilled drink. I’m deaf, legally, […]

Who doesn’t like a second chance? We sure as hell do, and we cannot wait to tell you all about it next to Sammy’s locker after 3rd period. Join the fine people at 35 Denton, along with some of our favorite bands, for our Second Chance Prom event happening on October 10, 2015 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios here in Denton, Texas. Come fancy, dance all night, leave happy. We’ll have a photobooth to capture your best prom poses before announcing the Second Chance Prom Queen & King. As if that wasn’t, like, cool enough – there will be other […]

Festival attendees were buzzing around town from sunup to well past sundown on Saturday, March 14, 2015. More than 109 bands took to 16 different stages housed by 13 different venues in beautiful downtown Denton – all in one day! Almost half of our entire lineup played on Saturday. And how was it, you ask? Let us tell you about it.. Staff writer Morgan Gentry was on top of her festival game during the weekend. She started her Saturday afternoon off with Moth Face at J&J’s Pizza. Sandra Davalos’s  haunting voice and hypnotic drum sounds greeted Gentry upon entry (see what I did […]

Energy teemed around the downtown Denton Square as the first series of bands and performers readied themselves for flocks of festival attendees. Staff writer Violet Ravotti was at Banter to check out the Singing Bowl Lady, Sandee Conroy, with Jeffery Barnes and it was an excellent way to warm up her senses and prepare for the sea of music 35 Denton weekend had to offer. The performance was very trance-like and the vibrations strongly resonated, we could feel the currents shifting in the air as Conroy spun the roller tip around the quartz crystal singing bowls. It was very compelling and the […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Shaina Sheaff DEERPEOPLE (OKLAHOMA CITY) are actually real people, humans we think. Don’t let their name confuse you. This fine group of Oklahomans took the stage at Denton’s beloved Dan’s Silverleaf this past weekend and definitely delivered a crowd pleasing experience. The beautiful tunes of this sextet lingered in my ears long after their set was over. Pleasantly constructed chords, well executed flute riffs, and an off-the-wall (and technically, off-the-stage) singer and keyboardist. Each time Brennan Barnes stepped away from his keyboard, I gripped my drink a little tighter. He would make his way to the bar, reaching up […]

35 Denton alumni, Centro-matic, bid their fans farewell after nearly 18 years of playing together with three sold-out shows at Dan’s Silverleaf here in Denton, TX. Our Director of Photography, Marcus Laws, set out to capture one final portrait of the legendary Denton band… but ended up staying all weekend. Look for more images from the last shows and an interview with the members of Centro-matic to come soon.

Words by: Jessica Hume || Images by: Marcus Junius Laws If you wandered through Dan’s Silverleaf last Thursday you probably had the privilege of catching The Holler Time. If you stayed home that night, well, you could probably still hear their groovy baselines for miles around over the sound of Netflix and your cats. Not only do these gentlemen have some rowdy personalities and great taste in hats, but they play some pretty catchy tunes, as well. Luckily, you’ve got the chance to catch them again during 35 Denton 2015. Just don’t forget to ask their bassist, Wally Campbell, for some of his “true stories.”  

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