Words by Kat Hollon | Image by Jonathan Silverberg Happy Friday! Well, not just ANY Friday … amiright? You did it, gang. You made it. You survived. The wait is over. FESTIVAL WEEKEND HAS BEGUN! I made you a little weekend appetizer of music, from Spotify-available artists, to get you pumped up! These are some that I am looking forward to — my own little 35 Denton snack. But don’t let me sway you. This is not even close to covering the musical buffet you will have access to all weekend. Check the schedules. Make sure you know where to go to pick up your […]

Charlie is the Director of Programming for 35 Denton and a really swell fella. You can generally find him working on some festival or event. Besides 35 Denton, he also devotes his time to I Love Math Records, Friends with Benefits and Best Little Brewfest in Texas. Charlie believes that the taco is the pinnacle of human invention and hopes that you will find him during the fest and share your recipes with him. He generally doesn’t care to write about himself in the third person, but has decided to let it slide this time. Bloodhound Gang – My Dad […]

When Shaina isn’t doing something as the Creative Director for 35 Denton, she can usually be found sticking a camera in someone’s face, discussing which breed of cat is best with her 6-year-old or on the patio at Dan’s. A lifelong resident of Denton, she is passionate about connecting with and investing in her neighbors and spends a fair amount of time working with Help-Portrait: Denton and as co-owner of The Dentonite. Shaina doesn’t only listen to hip-hop (but has been a lot over the past six months) and wanted you to know that she doesn’t enjoy speaking in third […]

Richard Oram hails from England, as is still a little unsure how he ended up in Denton in the first place, but is quite happy about it. He rocks the title of a Venue Coordinator for 35 Denton. He is currently too old to still be doing this kind of thing.  A random selection; it reflects, though, what I’ve been listening to: a lot of 60’s garage, some oldies and an occasional newie. 1. The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster. The Rolling Stones at their brilliant, bluesy best. Brian Jones influence cannot be overstated. 2. Pink Floyd – Set […]

Kat is newnewnew this year to 35 Denton and came on board to help with … well, this, actually. She is in charge of creating and assembling Spotify playlists for the fest, and making sure the AWESOME 35 family gets to share their own musical tastes with you on the (mostly) weekly. Hobbies include hanging out with her two dogs, going to concerts, traveling, brunch and other painfully normal things. Disclaimer: Now that I’m not speaking in third person, I feel like I should say … I really struggled making my own list. Probably because it’s like my own little debut to everyone as […]

Scott Porter, a copywriter and podcast host for 35 Denton, lives in the bell tower of the Courthouse on the Square in beautiful downtown Denton, Texas. In addition to his work for 35, Porter helps out with the Day of the Dead Coffin Races, the Rock Lottery, and the Golden Jesus Chili Cookoff. Sometimes he’s in a band. In his spare time, he writes short autobiographical paragraphs for this page of this blog. Chelsea Wolfe: Iron Moon The aural equivalent of a hooded black robe. Perfect for those moments when you find yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking […]

Words: Christen Moynihan | Image: Andy Odom Y’all saw that we made the first big announcement for 35 Denton’s 2016 lineup, right? RIGHT? OK, good. If you haven’t then might I suggest you start following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram STAT + bookmark this here blog to help you stay apprised of all the goings on. OK, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk a little more about this schamazing festival coming up. Here’s the deal: It’s March 11-13 right here in Denton. For one glorious weekend, bands from near (like, right down the street) […]

Mindy is the Hospitality Director for 35 Denton. Along with working with 35 Denton, she works creatively with other festivals like Thin Line Fest and Best Little Brewfest in Texas and her and a few friends have a charity called Friends with Benefits • Denton. She does have a job, which some people don’t seem to believe, with an ad agency in Dallas. She fills her extra time (haha, free time, what’s that?) with whiskey, craft beer & friends, playing kickball and softball in city leagues and relaxing with her pup and boyfriend. I Got You (I Feel Good) – James […]

Nikki is the Creative Assistant of 35 Denton and she would be considered a sophomore, thankfully high school is not a thing. Personal Assistant in law by day, Creative Assistant in the evening, night, or early morning, professional dog sitter all the other hours of the day. Nikki has been in Denton for five years but mainly lives out of her car, as you can find at least 20 pairs of shoes or 10 outfits spilling out of her trunk at any given time. Red Bull fanatic, nature lover, devoted traveler, shoe collector, musically bi-polar, sports ball, and professional awkwardly sarcastic. […]

Christopher is the Vending Coordinator for 35 Denton and one of the newest additions to the team.  Despite hustling and bustling in Dallas as a financial process management analyst, Christopher spends most of his time  in Denton (former resident and UNT grad) with his ever so amazing girlfriend, Shaina. Hobbies include being a grammar Nazi (English major), beer enthusiast and connoisseur, naturaphile, disc golfer, mountain climber, professional cat juggler (not true)  and music lover.   Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Little Blu House As a starter, I felt the first song should be a band that has been on heavy rotation. […]

Sounds of 35 is our bi-weekly series where we highlight our amazing staff and their individual music picks. The complete compilation can be found on 35 Denton’s Spotify account. Faith is 35 Denton’s Social Media Manager whenever she’s not at home drinking Evan Williams by herself with her cat, Kendrick Lameow. She used to like lambs a lot but now is kind of indifferent about them. She also has an OK-ish sense of humor. You can help her out with her follower/following ratio on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (username: lambloverfe). To hear more of what Faith is listening to, follow her on Spotify. URL […]

35 Denton’s Festival Director, Wally Campbell is happy to share his current playlist with you all in this weeks installment of Sounds of 35. We hope the last day of your weekend really rocks! Richard – Killdozer I love me some Killdozer. I often invite friends over to have a few beers and listen to Killdozer. I often drink alone. Jesus Tom and Stevie – Hand of Onan Little is known about Hand of Onan, a short lived Denton band featuring members of CORNHOLE and Brutal Juice. Though they only existed for 3 short years, they did leave us with […]

The weekend is almost over which means we are all about to start working for said weekend again, right? Wouldn’t it be great if weekends were Thursday-Monday and regular work weeks were Tuesday-Wednesday? One can dream. Here to help you adjust from your weekend is our Blog Editor and Vendor Coordinator, Sara Button with a very eclectic mix of her current favorite tunes.   You Were Right – Built to Spill The year Built to Spill played 35 Denton I was unfortunately pretty sick at the time and was not able to catch their show – as disappointed as I […]

Here to kick your week off, we’ve got a set of songs selected by our Creative Director, Shaina Sheaff. Whether you’re looking for something chill to zone out and work to or a great beat to start your morning danceparty… you’ll find options here. Be sure to check out what else Shaina is listening to and follow 35 Denton on Spotify, as we’ll be releasing a second playlist of confirmed artists for 35 Denton 2015 very soon!   TV On The Radio – Quartz While I’ve known about them for years and have seen them live when I was younger, I didn’t get into […]

Hope all you weekend party animals are enjoying your Sunday Funday. Here is a new Sunday Staff Pick from our very own Director of Programming (and gentleman extraordinaire), Charlie Hunter. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here. Swing by the  35 Denton Spotify for a comprehensive list of all the artists announced thus far.   Lowell – The Bells This is one of the acts I’m most looking forward to seeing at the fest. I can’t get over this song. Do yourself a favor and check out the video. I’ve been forcing it on everybody I talk to and […]

We’re getting back to the music by sharing a Spotify playlist every week created by a different 35 Denton staffer. Our Director of Social Media, Andy Odom, is here to get your week started with a little bit of everything from Wilco to D’Angelo. Feel free to check out what else Andy has been listening to and follow 35 Denton on Spotify for more playlists as we continue to announce confirmed artists for this year’s fest! Impossible Germany – Wilco I’ve always been a Wilco fan, but their 20th Anniversary news and compilations have me digging back through their catalog, especially the rarities box […]

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