Happy #TBT, y’all! Travel back in time with us and check out one of our favorite performances that took place during 35 Denton 2013 as part of the Redwood Sessions. Danny Diamonds has been helping to shape the local music scene for years, and this performance of “Buffalo Man” during our private VIP party still leaves us wanting to hear more. Check out Danny’s music on Bandcamp and keep up with where’s he’s playing over on Facebook!

Texas legacy artist, Jimmie Dale Gilmore headlined 35 Denton this past March – and boy was it a treat. I had the opportunity to speak with and meet Mr. Gilmore before and during the festival and I can attest to this mans authenticity. He is an accomplished artist, a superb story teller, and an all around great guy. One evening in April, Issac Hoskins and I sat down to call Mr. Gilmore for a phone interview we did for the blog. He engaged us in the most interesting conversation and told us about his past experience, music and life in Lubbock, […]

Words by Sara Button || Images by Marcus Junius Laws Today we are throwing it back to an iconic, mid-December show at Dan’s Silverleaf. Denton’s own Centro-matic rocked their last three shows ever performed as a whole band, and we were there. Our Director of Photography, Marcus Junius Laws, captured the show, band, and all the memories over the course of the three evenings. Check out our gallery below. It was a chilly Friday evening, and I was excited for numerous reasons: Friday, obviously, and getting to see Centro-matic one last time and at none other than my favorite bar and venue in town, Dan’s Silverleaf. […]

Words & Images by: Marcus Junius Laws John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats was just hanging out, getting his vinyl fix inside Mad World Records… and he let me do a little impromptu available light shoot with him in the window. He was a total sweetheart, rocked our main stage and this is one of my favorite shots from that moment.

Words & Images by: Shaina Sheaff I’ll admit it – I didn’t know who Fat Tony was. But I’d heard there were rappers at Hailey’s that night, so that’s where I headed. When I walked in, the dance party was already well under way. By the end of it, there were at least 20 girls on stage with Fat Tony and Tom Cruz and I’d seen a cat go crowd-surfing by.* I hadn’t gone to Hailey’s that night to cover any particular artist, but I ended up a fan and that set remains one of my favorite memories from 2013’s festival. * Some very nice festival goers intervened and the cat was safely released outside.

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