Since the last turn of the Century, the means and access to recording technology of sufficient quality has become incredibly decentralized. With enough talent operating the knobs and faders, a bedroom studio can garner international acclaim for under a few hundred dollars. At the same time, the impact that producers and professional studio engineers have over music has never diminished. Representatives of recording houses of all sizes from across the metroplex will discuss what it means to expertly craft the tunes that bring us here in “the Age of Everything”. Panelists include:

  • Michael Briggs, Civil Recording
  • Brack Cantrell, Dojo Baby Records
  • Justin Collins, Satisfactory Recording Co.
  • Erik Herbst, Panhandle House Recording Studios
  • Justin Lemons, Infinite Ohm Records
  • McKenzie Smith, Redwood Studios
  • Paul Slavens (moderator), local music scene aficionado and host of KXT’s “The Paul Slavens Show”

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